Tesla sales fall after holiday record


The car manufacturer's 77,100 vehicles consist of 62,950 model 3 and 14,150 S and X model cars. Of these, Tesla was able to supply 50,900 model 3 and 12,100 S and X model vehicles. her announcement, Tesla admits that she expects her delivery volume for the quarter to be affected by lower than expected delivery volumes. The recent price adjustments she implements will also affect her numbers. Tesla has reduced the prices of its cars in recent months. In the case of Model 3, it now costs $ 35,000 after incentives.

Although the decline in demand for its electric vehicles is apparently raising more and more concerns, there are several other explanations for the dull quarter of the company. To begin with, he was eager to deliver Model 3s last year to allow buyers to benefit from his $ 7,500 tax credit, strengthening his number for the last period of the year. And then there is the fact that Tesla is just starting to sell cars in China and Europe. He has apparently encountered new challenges related to the delivery of orders abroad.

Tesla however looks optimistic for the second quarter and the rest of 2019. He says "a lot of vehicle deliveries [will] move to the second quarter "due to delays in the first.In addition, it is still waiting to fill 360,000 to 400,000 vehicle deliveries this year, revealing that" US orders for model 3 vehicles [it was] able to deliver "in the first three months of the year.

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