Tesla Sentry Mode captures a politician in the successful model 3

A former traffic court judge in the race to sit on the Philadelphia City Council was caught hitting a Tesla Model 3 parked and leaving the scene without reporting the incident. A captured video of the event using the Model 3 Sentry Mode feature was released by the vehicle owner on YouTube.

Judge Willie Singletary is backing up with his Cadillac Escalade in the Tesla Model 3 parked next to him in the video, setting off the car's alarm. Singletary then leaves her sport utility vehicle and seems to assess the damage to the all-electric sedan and even tries to erase the seemingly visible marks at the point of impact. The affected part of Model 3 is not visible in the video, but given the lengthy reflection and multiple attempts to repair the injury caused by Singletary, a police report or (at a minimum) a note to the owner was definitely warranted .

UPDATE: The owner of Model 3 contacted Teslarati and provided him with additional details on the outcome of the incident. Singletary was easily identifiable thanks to the owner's previous work on local elections and his contact details were available in the campaign archives. The owner then contacted Singletary about the coup, but he claimed that the former judge had initially denied but had provided insurance information once informed that the event was being filmed. The police were then brought in to deal with the case further. The Singletary Escalade was driving in the video was a rental car. In addition, the estimate of the Model 3 repair provided to the owner by a Tesla certified body shop was $ 2,000.

The Model 3 incident is not the first time that Singletary has broken the law, adding to the irony of his previous job as a Philadelphia Court of Justice Judge. In 2015, the city council was sentenced to 20 months in prison, followed by one year of probation, after being found guilty of lying to the FBI in connection with an investigation into a ticket sale system while he was judge. Singletary appealed the sentence, but a federal judge reprimanded him for invoking the extremely ubiquitous nature of the scheme. The judge said the corruption was so extreme that the traffic court was dissolved in the delays, so the longer sentence was deserved.

Singletary, for his part, denied that the closure of the traffic court was related to his role, noting that he and all the other judges of the court had not been convicted of bribery, lying to the FBI, asserting that it was a position that the organism could easily manipulate by occurring. State lawyers involved in the original ticket sale case responded by citing evidence of Singletary's participation in the scheme and by highlighting the difficulties the government faces in obtaining convictions for fraud. even in the presence of substantial evidence.

Given former judge Willie Singletary's colorful history of vehicle violations, this latest encounter with Tesla Model 3's Sentry mode should not bode well for his ambitions for the city council.

Tesla may be leading the charge in the electric vehicle revolution, but it may be poised to take the lead in vehicle safety solutions. Sentry Mode was created to handle vehicle intrusion cases that were specifically targeted at Tesla owners, particularly in the California Bay Area, and the safety benefits already prove that this feature was worth it. .

Sentry mode is a security feature available on all Tesla models. It was recently launched via live updates to enhance and complement existing vehicle security features and features such as GPS tracking and enhanced cabin motion sensor. Once activated, the Tesla owner is alerted via the company's mobile application, video footage is recorded and, in case of intrusion, Toccata and Fugue in D minor is played at full volume to draw attention to the car. Once the vehicle's "Alarm" status is entered as a result of a detected incident, a video that begins 10 minutes before the event can be uploaded by the owner. If Willie Singletary had been aware of this feature of Tesla, her choice of action after making a comeback in Model 3 would have been different.

Watch the hit-and-run incident recorded in Sentry mode below:

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