Tesla shorts threaten to discredit Tesla by car accidents; blocking order filed


Earlier this week, a Model 3 was seen filming a standalone demonstration before Tesla's self-powered investors' protest Monday. Curiously, we heard about this via a TSLA short seller on Twitter. In the end, the discussion that followed this tweet in the TSLA community eventually focused on the possibility of intentionally causing accidents to discredit Tesla before the event.

But that's not all. According to a legal deposit of Tesla at the courthouse of Alameda County, found yesterday by enn_nafnlaus on twitter, the individual behind the seller's small business seller's twitter account engaged in harassment and stalking against the property and Tesla employees and Tesla formally requested a temporary restraint against him.

The corresponding Twitter account would be managed by two brothers living in Fremont, one of whom works for VW's state-of-the-art research center in Palo Alto, according to LinkedIn. Although the names of the individuals are public records and are available in the repository, we have refused to name them in this article.

The filing alleges an obsessive behavior towards Tesla on the part of one of the brothers in particular – the one who is not work for VW.

On several occasions, Tesla found cameras on the property or directed at them, which turned out to be the target of the blocking order. These cameras were placed in public areas, but pointed towards the private property of Tesla. Although this may not be illegal in itself, it is included in the filing to establish a pattern of stalking behavior.

At one point, one of the brothers was found passing unauthorized on the Tesla property and allegedly hit a Tesla employee with his car, a white Acura, while he was leaving by car . The employee, who suffered "minor injuries", was able to capture a photo of the driver, who did not stop after hitting the employee. The Fremont police were called and subsequently tried to warn the driver to no longer encroach on Tesla's property.

The most recent incident took place on April 16th. While Tesla was filming a public demo, one of the brothers witnessed the video and followed them. During the trip, the Tesla crew reported witnessing the erratic and dangerous behavior of a white Acura, which in turn triggered the Tesla Lateral Collision Avoidance System. Tesla's crew was sufficiently worried to have called the police while he had no prior knowledge of the usual behavior with regard to Tesla.

Later, tweets from other short films from the TSLA were found, responding to the brothers' twitter account, encouraging the driver to "drive with him and create random events for him to react" and to "brake in front of the car, turn around, etc."

The filing includes statements from several Tesla employees, including Tesla's Global Security Manager and the three employees who were in the car filming the autopilot demo earlier this week.

All this information is alleged by Tesla in the filing, and no one has been convicted of a crime (no criminal charge is the purpose of filing). But Tesla requested the temporary restraining order requiring the target to stay within 500 meters of Tesla's known workplaces and employees, and prohibiting them from tracking or contacting their employees on April 22, the same day as investor in favor of Tesla's autonomy.

In response to this deposit, the Twitter account of the relevant short seller tweeted earlier today:

I will not rest. This is my promise.

Tesla is a zero. @elonmusk will go to jail.

An apocalyptic image accompanies the tweet.

In response to this tweet, the short film Tesla called "other people in the Fremont area to stand up for our fallen comrade" and circulate near the Tesla factory Monday, apparently to try to to interfere with the events of Tesla.

Update: Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has responded to the situation on twitterask VW "what's going on?" because of its association with the Palo Alto VW research laboratory.

Electrek's Take

Look. It is reasonable that there are multiple opinions about Tesla and their mission. Heck, a person alone can have multiple or complex opinions about Tesla. Maybe someone likes cars but not society, maybe someone who likes it a lot, maybe someone does not like cars. (even if these people probably did not drive one …) or the company or some employees or directors, maybe someone likes the mission but is upset by a recent rise in the quality of service client (* cough *).

But it is not reasonable to try to provoke car accidents because you have an apocalyptic vision of yourself winning the crusade against a businessman you do not like.

It has been clear for some time that many people and organizations want to see Tesla fail. That was what we expected – the world's richest and most powerful industry would have a lot to lose if electric cars supplant gasoline cars. This leads to a lot of propaganda, political posture and what you have. We talked a lot about it.

And while this propaganda and lobbying is putting lives at risk, because it helps maintain the status quo of the pollution that kills millions of people every year around the world, it is quite another thing to deny the work of a company your safety and that of three video producers – and many other cars on the road – are threatened by a personal mission.

If these allegations are true, that's fine, well beyond all.

It's time for everyone to calm down a bit.

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