Tesla stops all car orders before the announcement [Updated]


By updating its website earlier and discontinuing Model 3 orders, Tesla released a significant index on today's announcement in the coming hours, showing that it was linked to Model 3 .

Update: Tesla has now stopped all custom orders before the announcement.

Earlier this week, Elon Musk said Tesla would make an announcement today at 2 pm Pacific Time and speculate on what it might be like.

Today, Tesla has updated its website a few hours before the announcement of the stop of the Model 3 orders.

By clicking on the order page of model 3, buyers are told that "the wait is almost over" and that "great things are started at 2 pm".

Here is the screenshot of the page:

Update: Tesla has now closed all custom orders, including the S and X models.

We will update and post more information on the new launch in the coming hours as we learn more. Stay tuned.

Electrek's Take

WWe must assume that Tesla will launch new options for Model 3. This is the only thing that would justify suspending orders.

I had the impression that it was a little early for the basic battery module model 3, according to Elon's recent comments about his arrival in the middle d & # 39; year.

It is almost March and it may be logical to start taking orders for the basic version if it is launched in the next 2-3 months.

It could also work from the long-awaited standard cockpit of Model 3, whose base price of $ 35,000 should be combined with the standard battery pack.

The new interior and / or a 3 cheapest model was the second most voted item:

Update: they have now stopped all orders for S and X models, suggesting a possible upgrade affecting all vehicles.

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