Tesla Updates Embedded Internet Browser With Google Chrome, Elon Musk Says


Tesla's embedded internet browser has been one of the most neglected features of Tesla vehicles, but CEO Elon Musk has promised to improve it recently. He adds that they are currently improving the Internet browser with Google Chrome.

Last year, Tesla upgraded its embedded multimedia computer into the new S and X vehicles and owners now benefit from a much more responsive central display.

Tesla has used more powerful hardware to make improvements to its embedded software, but CEO Elon Musk said the automaker had always planned an update to enhance owners' experience with older vehicles, including the Web browser.

The browser was extremely slow and often did not render websites properly. It was so serious that less than 30% of Tesla drivers would use their embedded internet browser.

Tesla was planning an update for December 2016 for the first time, but was delayed several times as the company focused on Autopilot 2.0 and Model 3 software.

About a year ago, the company had released its first browser update for a long time and it was delivering slightly better performance, but was barely useable.

Musk says Tesla will soon update the browser using Google Chrome:

Chrome is Google's open source web browser project, which provides the vast majority of Google Chrome browser code.

It starts to make its way into other browsers. For example, Microsoft has confirmed that they are rewriting Edge based on Chromium to improve compatibility.

Tesla did not come up with a specific schedule for updating the new browser, but Musk said it was about to happen.


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