Tesla will increase "noticeably" the price of his self-driving options on May 1

Tesla is poised to significantly increase the price of its fully self-driving option on May 1, just after the company demonstrates its latest autonomous driving capabilities at an event held at the end of the month.

Earlier this week, Elon Musk said Tesla vehicles "now appreciate the assets" because of their ability to drive independently.

He wants Tesla vehicles to become revenue-generating assets for their owners, but if the price does not increase, the value will depreciate anyway since new buyers could still buy vehicles for MSRP.

Musk has now confirmed that Tesla plans to "substantially" increase the price of the full auto-drive option over time, starting May 1:

"Please note that the price of the Tesla Full Self-Driving option will increase dramatically over time."

He confirmed that this was what he meant by vehicles "becoming assets":

He said it would increase to "something like" $ 3,000, which would bring the package price to about $ 8,000.

The price increase comes as Tesla introduces its new fully autonomous computer, which went into production earlier this month.

We still do not know if all new cars receive the new computer.

Tesla refuses to confirm, but the builder always says that it will offer computer upgrades to all owners who have purchased the Full Self-Driving option, whose price will rise next month.

Musk says they'll start these renovations "in a few months":

Earlier this week, Musk said Tesla's new FSD computer was only used at 5% capacity with current Autopilot software, compared to about 80% for the previous generation.

Tesla is expected to release more and more advanced software updates using more computing power from the new computer, which will allow full autonomy by the end of the year, according to Tesla.

The price increase for this package will come after Tesla will demonstrate its latest self-driving technology at an investor meeting on April 22nd.

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