Tesla's top-of-the-line S and X model is much cheaper


Meanwhile, the performance version of the two vehicles, which significantly reduces their speeds from 0 to 60 mph, now costs $ 13,000 less. Model S Performance's price is now $ 99,000 ($ 112,000), while Model X Performance's price is now $ 104,000 ($ 117,000). Buyers with a little more money to spend can also choose to add the Ludicrous mode to boost their car's acceleration by 20% for $ 15,000. The add-on used to reduce buyers by $ 20,000.

Tesla did not explain why he now offers his high-end models at lower prices. The company could be cleaning up its stocks, or there might be something else at stake. TechCrunch noted, however, he might be able to afford these pretty hefty price drops because of his decision to close physical stores and move all sales online. This ultimately allowed Tesla to start offering a Model 3 at $ 35,000, almost five years after the company first published its intention to launch a model at this price.

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