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A Texas man faces a crime charge after allegedly slapping his daughter-in-law's 12-year-old tyrant, according to police records.

James Peace, 37, reportedly hit the boy "with such severity" that he put a headset out of his ear, wrote the police in Deer Park, Texas, in a complaint. criminal.

Now, Peace is facing a child crime charge over the weekend. He was released Tuesday on bail of $ 15,000 following his arrest, according to the archives.

The incident occurred on Valentine's Day, while Peace reportedly confronted a boy whose daughter-in-law allegedly told him that he had called and chosen him, said the police.

Peace would have stopped the boy and a friend on the side of the road and would have screamed in the face. Before getting back in his car, Peace would have hit the boy with an open hand and told him that if he told anyone about it, he "will hit him too, even the police," says the criminal complaint.

According to the police, the slap left a handprint on the boy's face, which looked red and swollen.

The next day, the boy told his teacher that he did not want to go to lunch because he did not want to see Peace's daughter-in-law, the police said. When the teacher asked why, the boy explained what had happened.

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Police said they watched the video of a nearby house showing the alleged incident. They also spoke to the boy's friend, as well as to another person from the area who told police he saw the incident. The two men said the boy was "shocked" during the revelation of the alleged altercation, but that he did not avenge himself in any way, according to the complaint.

When police confronted Peace about the incident, he finally admitted, police said.

Peace reportedly told the police that her daughter-in-law "was suffering from depression and that, when the boys assaulted her, it caused serious psychological harm", but that "he" had let his emotions take the best out of him "during the incident.

In an interview with KHOU-TV in Houston on Tuesday, Peace said he regretted hitting him and that he should have talked to his parents. But he defended the defense of his daughter-in-law.

"I'm not going to walk here and do not hurt any child, I've never done it before.I'm just defending my kids.If it was the same, I would check my own kids in front of you if I needed to do it immediately and there, "said Peace to the TV channel.

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