Texas DL Charles Omenihu adds for Miami


The Miami Dolphins have titled a multitude of articles since the end of the 2018 season, with the idea that they will be the big losers in 2019. Vegas has awarded them the best chance of having the first overall pick in 2020 and therefore the worst chance of winning. the Super Bowl by a wide margin.

Even members of local and national groups have understood the idea of ​​losing Miami early and often in the first year at the helm of Flores, despite the direct reaction of Grier and Flores, saying that losing is not a problem. thing in Miami trying to do in 2019.

What they to have done is changed their diet. And with a modified diet, the proverbial cleaning of cupboards. With the report that Miami plans to get rid of some Tannenbaum-era contracts along the defensive line, combined with the uncertainty of Cameron Wake's future with the team, the closets are quite bare throughout the defensive front leading to free will and repechage.

What needs to be done in Miami is to replenish the stock of guys that fit the new plan; a plan based on multiplicity, moldability and low cost. And if Miami leaves the first round of the April project after responding to a different situation as needed – and there are many – they will have to identify at least a guy in the next rounds to invest in the defensive line.

Charles Omenihu of Texas Longhorns would be a good investment in one of these tours, for my money.

The 6-foot-6, 275-pound senior defensive lineman had a blistering year, recording 9.5 sacks and a forced fumble to support his 32 solo tackles.

The size and numbers are good, yes, but how does it fit into the redeveloped program in Miami? While echoing the sentiments expressed by coach Flores, Patrick Graham, the new defense coordinator, is a versatile player. describes how he looks at the eyes, hands and feet when evaluating a player. This is to say that he wants players with good folding, heavy hands and eye discipline when diagnosing a game.

When you read what editorial analysts have to say about Omenihu, it's easy to play the matchmaker with Miami.

As for the use of the hands, Omenihu has a lot of talent to get in touch with his opponents and how his explosive character and his great reach make it difficult to block in case of stunt.

The beauty of this treat is that it can continue to improve in this area by adding a little weight, which its large frame should be able to withstand easily. Add to that how versatile Omenihu is with respect to his position in Texas, ranging from Technique 3 to Broad 9? Omenihu checks a lot of boxes of dolphins.

For example, I shot the 2018 recording of Omenihu against Iowa State, and its versatility was only highlighted in the first seven editions. rooms against cyclones. He moved from the left side in a 3-man front to the front-row right-back for 4 men, then from the left-back to the tight front for 4, followed by the right-back in defense. a wide position-9.

This type of versatility is impressive. While he needs to improve the consistency of his technique and his flexibility (he is often found too often on the grass), he has the raw size, the tools, the desire and experience of several looks that complete a shot in a pattern based on these traits.

The Miami Dolphins could very well be this team.

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