Texas man helps Petco to test "all leash pets are welcome" policy

Do not have a cow, man – unless it's at Petco.

A Texas man and woman could not stop laughing as they were heading to a Petco in the Houston area recently to see if "all pets on a leash are welcome" at the store.

To the surprise of Shelly Lumpkin and Oliver Browning, the African Watusi was welcomed "with open arms," ​​Browning wrote on his Facebook page on Monday. "The staff here are always very friendly and courteous to us. We are really excited to come to this place … our favorite Petco FAR !! "

The publication has since gained more than 400,000 views.

Browning is Oliver's owner and coach for the rodeos and other shows, and although the weight of his weight is not clear, the Watusi African bulls can reach 1,600 pounds, according to the Livestock Conservancy.

Oliver has his own Facebook page, which is updated regularly.

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