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Police said they found the body of an 18-month-old boy in a Dallas area landfill just a day after being alerted in the state of Dallas. Amber.

The remains of Cedrick Jackson were found in a garbage dump in Rowlett, Texas, shortly after Thursday at 11 am, according to the Dallas police sergeant. Vincent Weddington.

Sedrick Johnson, the aunt's and Cedrick's homemaker's boyfriend, was arrested and charged with causing serious injury to a child. Other prosecution leaders are waiting for results of an autopsy, Weddington told reporters at a press conference.

"This is not the result we were hoping for," said Weddington.

Weddington said Johnson had confessed to taking Cedrick and placing him in a dumpster northeast of Dallas. The detectives learned that the dumpster had already been dumped at least twice, the Dallas Morning News reported.

The cause of the boy's death has not yet been determined.

Crystal Jackson, Cedrick's aunt, was taking care of the boy after the CPS placed him under his care, the newspaper reported.

Jackson called the police on Wednesday morning to report that his nephew had disappeared and was probably abducted. On Thursday morning, she told WFAA TV in Dallas that the police had informed her of the child's death.

"We do not know 100% what happened," said Jackson to the WFAA, "but we all loved this baby.He was just the nicest baby."

The police did not explain why CPS had placed Cedrick at his aunt's, but Dishundra Thomas, his mother, said it was temporary and not against his will, the Morning News reported.

Jackson said that she put the child to bed at 11 pm. Tuesday and woke up to find that he was gone. Officers responded to a call about the missing child shortly after 6 pm Wednesday.

The attendants said they were repairing Jackson's apartment door Thursday morning, but refused to say what had happened at the door, according to the Morning News. News. A window of the apartment had also been broken.

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