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Tfue brutally roasts the fortified "skills" of his own viewer

Twitch Turner star 'Tfue' Tenney mocked one of his own fans in a fortified match after the fan "let" the pro player kill him with pinpoint accuracy.

Tfue drew a large audience of fans because of his incredible mechanical skill in the popular royal battle game and his stint on the FaZe Clan, which went through a bitter end when Tenney sued the organization for justice. Submitted to an "oppressive contract".

However, it seems that all the audience of the former FaZe member has not learned to watch his game. Indeed, when a viewer has surprised him in a difficult position during a Fortnite match, he was unable to finish the slaughter, which prompted Tfue to roast her on the current.


The popular Twitch streamer left FaZe Clan in bad terms.

At one party in Arena Mode, Tfue was found in a construction battle where his enemy had placed a roof over him, which would allow the viewer to edit it when he was ready to fight.

The streamer immediately tried to break the roof, knowing that his opponent had the upper hand, saying, "and I'm dead," but the viewer acknowledged that it was an opportunity for him to take it to Tfue while he was taking out his pick.

Despite the disadvantage, Tfue was able to react quickly and reverse the situation, instantly scraping the player who could not finish the kill, exclaiming, "You really are bullshit, how do you let me kill you? ? "

Tfue was aware that the enemy was watching his flow and was continuing to insult him, adding, "You are so bad, I'm really sad that you're my spectators, because I thought I was t & # 39 would learn to play the game a little better than that, buddy. "

His frustration may come from his previous experience of being targeted in the game by "snipers", as when he had called other professional players in two duels with a cloak.

It was not clear whether the viewer was actually a sniper or not, although Tfue's comments were quite severe, it's understandable how frustrating it can be for the streamers.

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