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Thanks to Amazon's pullout, New York City now knows where Seattle is – Slog

Long Island City

Long Island City Charles Mudede

Twenty years ago, Seattle was virtually nowhere on the map of New York City. Today, NYC knows our city, its location, its type of economy and its new policy, all thanks to the "six of the best" recently received from the large e-commerce company based in its downtown area. , Amazon. NYC began to behave badly when it was announced late last year that Amazon would build part of its head office in Long Island City. Many of its citizens demanded that society do not ruin New York. Complained huge tax benefits. Fear that the promised 25,000 jobs will not benefit working-class families, but will increase local rents, uproot thousands of people and displace old, small, and cherished businesses.


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On February 14, Amazon said that was enough and canceled plans for HQ2 in New York, like that. The business world has exploded with rage. Restaurants with high-end visions have begun to cry. A New York real estate company that reacted enthusiastically to what it initially saw as a QG2 profit pot, but turned out to be the opening of the field, ended up in a deep financial chasm and dark. The state's governor, Andrew "Amazon" Cuomo, went so far as to claim on television that the cancellation is "the greatest tragedy". [that he has ever] seen since [he’s been] to the government. Cuomo entered the government in the 1980s. Damn!

The 206 has entered the mind of a disciplined New York City. We are the capital of an energetic and revitalized neoliberalism that ensures that his cane strokes are felt and known.

citizenM is coming to Seattle ...

citizenM is coming to Seattle … Charles Mudede

During my recent visit to New York, I was surprised to hear that the name of my city is mentioned repeatedly in bars, restaurants and parties. In fact, in a cafe, located in the basement of a hotel called citizenM (I stayed there two nights, but I left after a white security officer seemed to me follow up to a lift to make sure I was a black man., was a guest), I caught within two minutes three different conversations involving Seattle (one was about the citizenM opened soon here, another a successful business trip in the city, and most surprisingly, another was actually our disappointing snow). And here is something that would never have happened even 10 years ago: when I was asked where I was from, my answer did not baffled anyone. It's our city now. Who has so licked NYC: six of the best.

But Amazon is on a roll. He feels and exerts his extraordinary power whenever he can. A few days ago, I was in New York reading the headlines about the removal of Amazon in the subway kiosks; Today, I read in Seattle, while on Link Lightrail, articles about our city still receiving licking from Amazon. And this one after Seattle did all that was humanly possible to behave well for the director Bezos.

Of Geekwire:

Amazon has placed a large office project in Seattle on the sublease market, signaling its intention to reduce growth in its hometown.

The skyscraper project, which was once an emblem of Amazon's ambitions in downtown Seattle, is now a symbol of its uncertain future in its hometown. This decision follows Amazon's decision to move away from its HQ2 project in New York after the opposition, as the company aimed to focus its growth on the Seattle area in Bellevue, Wash.

And now we must make a brief return on Empire (as in the British Empire – the second movement in the history of capitalism). All school children know the score. The names of those who have done very naughty, awful and bad things (taken behind the squash courts by a prefect, or taken with the socks in the lobby, support) are announced at the meeting on Monday . If your name is on this unfortunate list, you must go to the director's office at exactly 9 o'clock. When you enter his office, after being called, you bend over and receive six cane blows without making a complaint or crying. Once finished, you must not forget, in your agony, to thank the director for the beating and you must do not scrub your painful wounds completely, not only out of the office, but also in the office building. Here's how it's done. That's how you break the incorrigible ones.

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