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Thanks to the experiences of Steam Labs, Valve hopes to facilitate the search for games.

With thousands of games on Steam all competing for consumer attention, it's always hard to find the hidden treasures. But in his never ending quest to better manage his platform, Valve offers some new experimental tools to help players find games that might interest them. The tools are all collected in an area that Valve calls Steam Labs.

The first experience of Steam Labs presented by Valve was called Micro Trailers. The idea was to create a bot that would automatically generate a quick and easy-to-watch trailer for any game based on existing trailers. Valve already offers a trial version of this tool and you can see the miniature trailers of some of the most popular Steam games to help you understand them at a glance.

Valve also unveiled its new Interactive Advisor, which analyzes your profile to generate specific recommendations for you. It looks more than the games in your library, deepening things such as playing time in each game, and uses automatic learning to determine what games you might like in the future.

The latest innovation from Steam Labs, for the moment, is something Valve calls the Auto Show. It will be a daily show that highlights specific games in detail. A bit like a tele-shopping show but for Steam games. Better yet, this show is automatically generated every day.

According to the Labs Page, these projects are all part of an annual exercise that Valve does in hopes of making breakthroughs by making it easier to navigate its platform and making it easier to find games for the likely players. to love them. This is not a direct response to developer complaints, especially from independent developers who claim that discovery issues on the platform cost them money. This year, for the first time, Valve makes all these activities public via Steam Labs. They can test some of the new features and tools that Valve works on.

For the moment, everything in Steam Labs is in the experimental phase. In other words, these elements could eventually become appropriate features of Steam or be considered as lessons to be learned.

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