That's how much money Robert Downey Jr. earns by playing superhero

Robert Downey Jr. really made the difference by winning the role of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). He plays the role of CEO of Stark Industries since its appearance in Iron Man, the first film to go out. After more than ten years of Tony Stark's realization, Downey Jr. said goodbye.

Fans can be devastated by leaving Marvel behind, but the Oscar – nominated actor did more than his share of appearances, and made crazy money to boot! Maybe you will remember the regularity of pay checks and the attraction of playing with the mogul can bring him back to reality. That's of course if Avengers: End of the game even leaves room for such movement!

It all started with 'Iron Man'

Iron Man debuted in 2008 with Downey Jr. winning the role of the incumbent. As this was the first film, the beloved actor did not do much for the role. Rumor has it that he earned $ 500,000. Of course, half a million dollars may seem like a lot, but it's a drop in a bucket when you start looking at the pay days it had in the latest movies.

Why do people speculate that the actor born in New York did so little? Although Downey Jr. became more and more important and became an iconic casting choice, it was not the director's ideal choice. Considering that his sordid past was packed with re-education visits and drug charges, Marvel was at considerable risk. Fortunately, the risk was worth it!

Note: This is probably not all that Downey Jr. has won at home. Iron Man. The stars often go to markets with big wigs to get a percentage of the profits from a movie. Given the average rates published by Money Nation, it was estimated that its full payment was closer to $ 2 million.

Robert Downey Jr. Got an Increase With "Iron Man 2"

The following, The Iron Man 2, abandoned only two years after the original film. Given the success of its predecessor, Downey Jr. did not feel it was increasing. It is assumed that he earned $ 10 million for the highly anticipated film. Add 2.5% of the movie's potential profits and you get a figure that decimates his first MCU check: $ 13 million.

Ten million have become the magical figure of the actor. Unverified sources said it was his base salary for several other Marvel films: Phase One The Avengers and Iron Man 3, and phase two Avengers: the era of Ultron. If you account for an additional 2.5%, its revenues are estimated at $ 39 million, $ 32 million and $ 35 million, respectively.

"Captain America: Civil War produced the biggest salary of Robert Downey Jr.

Civil war had not been included in his contract like the other films. Initially, he was supposed to have a smaller part. After some crazy rewriting, Tony Stark became a crucial actor in the film. The controversial actor had to strive to make his role central – a decision that was not appreciated at first. Fortunately, Kevin Feige spoke about this fantastic deal that allowed him to earn a salary of $ 40 million. He also received a bonus of $ 5 million to have Winter Soldier.

Add 2.5%, which makes $ 63.75 million the highest salary paid by Downey Jr. That's a pretty crazy amount for one piece and it's light years away from everything it realized in the MCU, past and present!

How much did Robert Downey Jr. save Marvel?

Before you can do the math, there are still some movies to consider! The 54-year-old superstar made about $ 15 million for his appearance at Spiderman: Homecoming, about $ 20.25 million for Avengers: war in the infiniteand will do pretty much the same thing for Avengers: End of the game.

If all these estimates are approximate, the income of the actor to the dazzling success exceeds the 200 million dollars coming from the giant of the comic strip. As he is the man who launched everything, it is safe to say that he is undoubtedly the most profitable actor on their list!

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