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The 1 thing that helps Justin Bieber to go through 2019

It has been a difficult year for Justin Bieber. He was struggling with mental health issues, had trouble with friends, had been the subject of much criticism for allegedly synonymous to Coachella and more.

During the ups and downs, his wife, Hailey Bieber, was at his side, encouraging and supporting him to the maximum. A source close to the singer "Love Yourself" told People on July 8 that she was actually the only thing that had helped her through this difficult time.

Justin Bieber
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She changed her life

The comments came right after the couple celebrated the first anniversary of her engagement. The singer proposed to the model in the Bahamas on July 7, 2018 (to break the hearts of the Beliebers, but it's a story for another day). "It was very special for Justin to propose. He was so sure that it was Hailey, "said one insider.

They secretly knotted the knot two months later in a New York courthouse. The source said Bieber was "even happier to have been married so quickly." They added, "He can not imagine life without Hailey, he feels he did not succeed this year without [her]. "

In addition, Bieber loves married life. "They still act like newlyweds," the source said. "Justin constantly surprises Hailey with gifts. She is always happy to see what a great husband he is.

Hailey paid tribute to their birthday on Instagram by writing, "Life becomes more beautiful [every day] because of you, my heart belongs to you forever. "

We do not cry – our eyeballs just sweat.

More celebrations are on the way

The Bieber plans to hold a second larger wedding around their birthday in September. A source told People that the event would be a "celebration for family and friends".

"Hailey is working with a planner," the source said. "They are both excited."

They had already postponed the wedding planning so that Bieber, who had applied for treatment for depression in February, could focus on her mental health. But now, the singer would "get along well" and come back.

"[Justin] continues to receive treatment and maintain good mental health, "added the source. "He produces music but moves slowly. He learns to better manage his life, in general.

Marriage is not everything fishing, however

The model itself has admitted that things can sometimes become difficult. She told Vogue in February: "Marriage is very difficult. … it's really very hard.

Many people would probably agree, and that's why Bieber would work to become the best husband. Sources told People that Hailey even played a role in his decision to seek treatment for his mental health problems.

"He wants to be the best husband for Hailey," said the source. "It's one thing to have problems when you're single, but when you're married, the happiness of two people is at stake. He works on himself so that he can be a good partner for her. "

OK, excuse us. Now our eyes are fleeing uncontrollably.

Seriously, it's nice to see that the Bieber are going strong. I wish them many years of love, peace and happiness.

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