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March 09, 2019, 07:40 EST

Xbox Game Pass IN DA HOUSE !!
Xbox Game Pass IN DA HOUSE !!

If you own an Xbox One and you do not have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you are, without being offended, a little silly. This only costs you $ 9.99 per month and gives you access to over 100 games, including all Xbox One first-game games on the day of their release. No streaming, either – download and play.

If you make to have a subscription, well, to begin, well done, sir or madam. You clearly have an eye on the value and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Second, I guess you've probably already downloaded a lot of the usual games. the Halo Games. Forza Horizon 4. Perhaps even Sea of ​​Thieves, for some reasons. Which is good, of course (especially Forza Horizon 4 – this game is the bomb). These are (mainly) all fun games and worthy of your time.

same Crackdown 3 It turned out to be better than I expected, although, to be fair, I expected more or less a peat sandwich with that one. These games that are finally released after being in Hell Development for a billion years are rather risky, if I'm nice.

For each Kingdom Hearts III, it seems like we're getting a Duc Nukem Forever. At this point, if Starcraft: ghost never go out, it will probably destroy the Spacetime Continuum.

Sorry …. where was I? Oh yes…

But you may also miss a multitude of other great games that you could overlook. So we reviewed all the games available at the time of writing this article and chose ten. Ten games, you really should give a shot.

Obviously, the Game Pass range changes from time to time and, by the time you read this, they might no longer be on the service. That's why we have also chosen games that are worth playing. If it's here, it's a game that's worth it to be picked up, free or not.

So let's go …

# 10 kingdom: two crowns

Two crowns
Two crowns

Do not confuse with Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Kingdom: Two Crowns is a 2D pixel-art strategy game loaded with atmosphere. This is a sequel to 2016 Kingdom: New Lands (also on Game Pass and himself a sequel to the original trio) Kingdom as of 2015) and involves a king (or a queen, he could be either) trying to build a … you know … kingdom, basically from scratch.

By collecting coins, your royal highnesses recruit stray villagers and transform them into builders, farmers, soldiers, etc. During the day, you can build until your heart is happy – or, at least, until you run out of coins, that is to say. At night, however, nightmarish creatures will attack your complex, which means that your defenses and your soldiers are extremely important.

It's a simple concept and can become tedious from time to time. However, every time I play it, I end up losing myself, discovering more and more things, moving from one island to another and trying to build my kingdom as much as possible.

Two crowns has a campaign mode so you are trying to destroy a malicious force known as The Greed, but it is nowhere near as deep as the gameplay. There is also a coop mode, online and offline, it's very entertaining. It also gives you the opportunity to build a European kingdom of medieval style or a kingdom similar to feudal Japan. Which, of course, means ninjas.

As I said, you can have both Kingdom Games on Game Pass, but it's really the only one you need.

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