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Top 50 Gameboy Games

The Nintendo Game Boy will be 30 years old this Sunday and to celebrate this incredible opportunity, we will be presenting a series of related features this week, until the big day.

Friday, April 21, 1989 – the day of the launch of Game Boy in Japan. Thirty years ago today, the video game landscape would be forever changed, as Nintendo opened the new frontier of portable to play the masses. The company's Game & Watch line allows you to experience limited gaming experiences on the move, but the Game Boy was totally different.

The 8-bit machine with 160×144 pixel LCD was perhaps modest in the specification department, but it was just powerful enough to offer deep gaming experiences, with the best examples rivaling those of home consoles. More importantly, its limitations have proven to be long-term assets; This blurry monochrome display consumes much less power than a backlit color equivalent and therefore gives the battery a decent battery life – a critical factor to consider when your handheld is based on AA batteries to run at full power. distance from the wall outlet.

Gunpei Yokoi's Design Philosophy – Using Proven and Inexpensive Components in New and Exciting Ways – Continues Through the Nintendo Handheld Game Consoles

Mainly the work of Satoru Okada and Gunpei Yokoi, the console was designed for a specific price and purpose; to be practical portable device. Rival companies have been carried away by the technical possibilities and contemporary pocket consoles with far Higher specifications fell by the wayside while Game Boy was walking. Gunpei Yokoi's design philosophy – using proven, inexpensive components in new and exciting ways – has continued through Nintendo's range of hand-held devices and has been transferred to her home console with Wii. The switch itself and new experiences such as VR Lab, show that this approach continues to keep Kyoto society in poor health.

Of course, it's Software who makes or breaks a console and the humble Game Boy could never have lasted so long without his catalog of incredible games. Obviously, he had the archetypal killer application in Tetrisand many still insist that this is the best version of Alexey Pajitnov's puzzle. The story of his complicated journey to the console deserves to be explored – a thrilling combination of cunning, subterfuge and blind luck that then shaped Nintendo and the video game industry in general.

IMG 9820.JPG

Any video game company would love to have a game with half the Tetris call in his books, but after seven years – when the console is expected to run out of steam – the Game Boy gets the second biggest wind in video game history with the Japanese release of Red & Green Pokémon in 1996. A smaller and lighter version of the material, the Game Boy Pocket, also arrived that year. The real successor of the console, the Game Boy Color, will be launched in the world two years later, parallel to the west exit of Pokémon. Although this marked a transition from OG hardware, the Game Boy range continued to benefit from up to 100% backward compatibility up to the Micro version of Game Boy Advance in 2005.

While Tetris and Pokémon were the sellers of the system, there is a wide game library validated for the system

While Tetris and Pokémon were the sellers of the system, there is a wide published game library for the system. The following list presents the best titles. You are sure to find many "lands" here. Someone from the Nintendo headquarters has ruled that the small handheld simply could not contain huge "worlds". Super Mario Land Kirby, Donkey Kong and Wario have ushered in an era of 'Land' games.

As with our previous lists of the 50 best Switch games and the 50 best 3DS games, the ranking here is governed by the ranking of users on this site – a big thank you to everyone who voted for your favorites last week! As before, connected users can interact and rate headlines directly on these pages by hovering over their rankings or alternatively from the individual page of each game. To be clear, the games listed here are for the original Game Boy only – there are no Game Boy Color games included "(black cart) compatible with earlier versions (unless they also receive a separate version of the original). If it is written "Game Boy Color" on the box, you will not find it below!

Can not see your favorite on the list? Go to our Game Boy Game Library (or click on the Games tab at the top of the page) and enter your own ratings. We reduced the eligibility of 50 votes to 20 for these vintage games. We expect it to be a little smoother than the other lists, especially in the early stages. It will be fascinating to check back and see how the list evolves!

So, without further ado, let's dive into …

Dr. Mario (GB)Dr. Mario (GB)

Editor: Nintendo / developer: Nintendo R & D1

Release date: December 1, 1990 (USA)) / April 30, 1991 (UK / EU)

The Game Boy portage of this pillbox puzzles offers a decent game, although it is probably not at the top of the list of must-have puzzles. Unlike Tetris, where the colors of the blocks are irrelevant, Dr. MarioThe pills are a little more difficult to follow, especially on the blurred screen of the original system. Nevertheless, if you are a prolific practitioner in the medical field, you could do much more harm than this block title that falls under the microscope.

Game & Watch Gallery (GB)Game & Watch Gallery (GB)

Editor: Nintendo / developer: Nintendo R & D1

Release date: May 1997 (United States) / August 28, 1997 (UK / EU)

The Game Boy was, in many ways, the natural evolution of Nintendo's line of one-shot Game & Watch handhelds. The ability to play these games on a single cartridge seemed to be a recognition of this inheritance of the pocket console. If you liked the originals, this collection is a must-have. The originals and remakes, which combine simple gameplay and subtle strategy, are there to enjoy and the new versions play enough differently for you to consider them as new experiences in themselves. The musical and visual presentation is also fantastic, and the whole game serves as a relic to a magical moment of play. Or maybe two really magical times.

Pop n Twinbee (GB)Pop n Twinbee (GB)

Editor: Konami / developer: Konami

Release date: 1994 (UK / EU)

Known as TwinBee Da !!
in Japan, Pop'n TwinBee on Game Boy is different from the game of the same name on other platforms, but it's still an excellent slice of vertical-scrolling shoot-'up-up in the classic TwinBee mold. This is another example of an awesome portable interpretation of a classic game that relies on multiple enemies and projectiles on the screen, all running on extremely modest material.

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