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The 9 best Google Chrome extensions to use in 2019

The Google Chrome browser is already very popular. After all, 62% of the global market share for the use of the Web browser in the last 12 months in May 2019, according to StatCounter's global statistics, based on aggregate data collected from a sample of over 10 billion page views per month. on more than two million websites. This puts it far ahead of competitors like Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

But even then, there is still room for improvement. The Google Chrome Web Store offers many extensions that can make the web browsing experience easier and more convenient. Extensions are almost like applications for your web browser; These are small programs running in the Chrome browser that allow you to customize the way Chrome works and add new features.

From the improved performance of Google Chrome when you have too many open tabs to the best use of your next blank tab, here are nine of our favorite Google Chrome extensions.

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