The 9 most viewed ? | VIDEO COMPILATION 2016 | TREND ? Vlad HD

The 9 most viewed ? | VIDEO COMPILATION 2016 | TREND ?
The 9 most viewed ? | VIDEO COMPILATION 2016 | TREND ?
The 9 most viewed ? | VIDEO COMPILATION 2016 | TREND ?
Top 9 most viewed videos of 2016! Thanks for watching guys! These videos were the most watched on our channel in 2016. Let's make 2017 even better !!!

The biggest gum worm in the world
Challenge Beanboozle
Chubby rabbit
Build a bear
The largest volcano in the world
Watermelon challenge
Captain America vs Iron Man
Superman vs Batman
PJ Masks

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We are a family of 8, although 9 if you include the dog. Mom and dad, Rey and Rylan are our five year old twins, Ariana, Angelee, Ava are our tripled beauties and Alexa is our 20 year old high school girl! We like to check the latest toys and make crazy challenges. We make family trips and adventures, we do sketches and we will have fun together! We hope you will know us and enjoy our stupid ways. They love Legos, Disney, Transformers oh and Angry Birds! One of their favorite activities is to dress up with their Marvel Super Hero costumes and play an epic battle. We're going to do some awesome challenges like the Wet Head Challenge, the Eat It Wear It Challenge, the EXPLODING WATERMELON Challenge, the BEAN BOOZLED Challenge and more! We're exploring things like the biggest gummy bear in the world and the biggest gum worm in the world and doing silly things with them too. They start to get into NERF weapons and will soon be making really epic videos! Boys also love watching PJMASKS and Octonauts a lot. Rey's favorite color is BLUE. Rylan's favorite color is GREEN. Tell us which team you belong to? Team Green or Team Blue !!! 🙂 Their favorite dish is PIZZA. If you like channels like Funnel Vision, Dingle Hopperz, Funky Bunch, Fgteev, you'll also like ours!

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