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The 9th circuit is pronounced in favor of the Trump administration in the "city shrine" case

A The Federal Court of Appeal has ruled in favor of the administration of President Trump in a case of withholding federal funds in cities partly on the basis of their status as "sanctuary city".

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeal's 2-1 opinion overturned the national injunction issued by a federal judge, who supported the City of Los Angeles in its lawsuit regarding subsidies for services community-oriented police, determined by a points system which: takes into account whether the candidate city is a sanctuary city.

The Trump administration concluded that Los Angeles was not eligible for the grant because it did not receive enough points under the 2017 rules put in place by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which gave cities extra points for their cooperation with illegal immigration officers been detained in the city's prisons.

"Cooperation on the enforcement of federal immigration legislation is a quest for general welfare and responds to the weak interest of the federal interest in providing the necessary funding for" s & # 39; Attack crime and disorder problems, and so … improve public safety, "Sandra Ikuta, one of the two majority judges, wrote." The Department of Justice has reasonably determined that cooperation in the area of ​​illegal immigration contributes to the achievement of the objectives of the law. "

The Ministry of Justice praised the decision.

"The Department is pleased that the Court has recognized the legitimate authority of the Administration to provide favorable treatment when granting discretionary enforcement grants to jurisdictions helping to enforce federal immigration laws, "said the Department of Justice in a statement.

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