The A24 movie library is available on a streaming service that you can already get for free

"Would you like to look Deliciously at the First Reformer?"
Screenshot: The witch (YouTube)

A24, the small movie studio that is raging these days, has a list of recent movies that would make the envy of almost every producer on the planet. Of Lady Bird at The Florida project at Ex Machina and more, her library is fantastic – and you can already watch it for free.

The only problem is that most of us do not realize it because we are a group of models who can not fully appreciate the benefits of a library card. You see, A24 is making his films available to Kanopy, a streaming service that has almost no name recognition in the wider world of pop culture. Which is a shame because it is free with most subscriptions to libraries in America. (Not all, unfortunately, and if you're one of the few whose library does not use Kanopy, our apologies.) In other words, all you have to do is support your local library by registering, and you may be watching The killing of a sacred deer just this moment, or listen to another friend complaining about how The witch is overestimated as you block some scenes and try to explain why it's really rascal.

All titles of the A24 stable are not yet available – newer movies have not been added yet (First reformed, Yes; Eigth year, no). But all in all, it's great service, and in addition to the A24 movies, there's little benefit from thousands of titles, from classic classics to studio superhero tents. Basically, do not forget to renew our subscriptions to the library.


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