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The accuser Antonio Brown has "passed" the lie detector test

The personal trainer accusing Antonio Brown of raping said he had passed a lie detector test confirming his claims and being ready to present his allegations to the NFL.

"The polygraph examination confirmed his story quite true.In June 2017, Brown had ejaculated her without her consent and that in May 2018, Brown had raped her," according to the document filed by the federal government in Florida Tuesday by Britney Taylor.

Taylor, 28, met Brown at a meeting of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Central Michigan University in 2010, and then reconnected in 2017 when Brown asked for help to improve flexibility, according to the suit.

Barely a month after their meeting, 31-year-old Brown reportedly berthed Taylor, bursting into her as she changed and kissed him against her will, the lawsuit says.

Thinking they clarified the terms of their relationship, Taylor was stuck by Brown and they fell into old habits.

"As in their days of Christian fraternity in college, they often read scriptures, pray or attend services together during training visits," according to the prosecution.

While they were watching a religious video, Brown was masturbating furtively behind Taylor and ejaculating on his back, according to the suit.

They reconciled again in May 2018, but shortly thereafter, Brown would have "stuck" and raped her, according to the lawsuit.

"Taylor. . . wish and plan to meet the NFL next week, which will be done as soon as possible, "tweeted ESPN football reporter Adam Schefter on Wednesday, noting that the first Taylor is getting married.

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