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The past week has been marked by new technologies, including foldable phones from Samsung and Huawei and the HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset from Microsoft. But these advances have had equally astonishing consequences.

Why is it important: Technological innovations often start at prohibitive prices. The fact that the technology exists in a commercially deliverable form virtually guarantees that it will become affordable in a few years.

  • If there is one thing that the technology industry has mastered, it is transforming today 's luxury luxury at an affordable price into an affordable necessity for tomorrow.
  • These new products show that two important technologies are about to be delivered to consumers, even if for the moment they remain a bit out of reach.

Folding screens: The concept of smartphone with folding screen has existed for a long time. These screens first appeared in devices with curved but relatively fixed phones, including the Galaxy Round and LG Flex in 2013.

  • A few years later, thanks to the display technology, it is now possible to fold a device.
  • The real breakthrough will be when this technology will not only be cheaper, but even more flexible. Imagine something that can unfold like a diary or wrap your wrist. To achieve this, we need other innovations, such as batteries as flexible as screens.

AR and VR you really want: HoloLens 2 was the most discussed new product on the MWC show, and for good reason. It responds to two of the biggest criticisms of the original model – its limited field of vision and bulky form. The new model also relies on its predecessor to improve performance.

  • Another mixed reality headset, introduced a few weeks ago by a Finnish start-up called Varjo, is also impressive. They produced a headset with a resolution far superior to anything on the market.
  • As for the other products mentioned above, the price of VR-1 from Varjo is hardly suitable for consumers. At $ 6,000, Varjo targets its business customers. But the type of screen resolution it offers might be what it takes for consumers to be willing to spend a lot of time in virtual reality.

The bottom line: For true technology enthusiasts, the times in which everyone can afford to buy the latest and best are a little boring. The real chills happen when you come across products out of your reach because they will not last long.


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