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The agreement of Kawhi Leonard could have repercussions on the Knicks in 2020-201 in free agency

The New York Knicks have done everything possible to establish themselves as a winner from the summer of 2019.

This did not happen as planned. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving took their talents to New York, but not New York, New York. The new Los Angeles Clipper, which is now part of the old 2019 category of free agencies, is now consolidated. Kawhi Leonard.

But thanks to Leonard, the stars are lining up for the Knicks to align another test shot on a rebuilding effort through an independent agency from 2021.

According to preliminary reports, Leonard, 28, signed a four-year contract in his new home with the Clippers. Instead, Shams Charania from Athletic reported On Wednesday, Leonard signed a three-year, two-year contract. According to the updated report, Leonard's contract is a maximum three-year contract, but the kicker is the third year. He has a player option in the last year and as Leonard has proven in the past, despite all the championships, he could end up anywhere.

Could it be time for the Knicks to strike with Leonard? Before signing with the Clippers, Ian Begley of SNY said the people around Leonard considered the Knicks a possible destination for him. Even if they do not reach Leonard, the Knicks could focus more on the 2021 freestyle player in the same way, but the club was hoping the last season would come off.

With Leonard, new teammate Paul George, 29, is on a similar deal, reports The Athletic. George was recently traded to the Clippers, joining forces with Leonard. We are only scratching the surface in 2021.

In addition, MVP in title, 24 years old Giannis Antetokounmpo is currently designated to become an unrestricted free agent if he does not sign a super-max extension with the Milwaukee Bucks before that date. And you have surely heard of James Lebron? Currently 34 years old, James will still be a coveted player until he hangs them up.

And the surface is still scratching is just beginning. There is Blake Griffin, Mike Conley, LaMarcus Aldridge, DeMar DeRozen, André Dummond, and Bradley Bealamong others, all were to be free agents in the summer of 2021.

As the Knicks have discovered recently, it takes more than the allure of the Big Apple to get players to sign with the organization, but that still adds up to a potential summer of 21 & # 39; for the Knicks, it's their recent miss.

After missing some of the big fish, the Knicks decided to Reggie Bullock, Wayne Ellington, Elfrid Payton, Taj Gibson, Bobby Portis and Julius Randle. Dollar figures are not the important element of new faces. It's all about the term.

Randle spent two years in New York with a team option for the third year. The others have signed commitments for one year and the team has options for the second year. From here 2021, each of the new Knick signatories can be set aside and turned into extra space for two new max deal slots of his list. By signing with the Clippers and accepting his Toronto Raptor fate, Leonard shows that anything is possible regarding future uniforms that he could wear.

The Knicks can sell this idea, but they must also sell a new story about the team. Although Leonard has no say in being traded to Toronto, he did not do much. The Raptors had the pieces in place to make Leonard's addition a winning list of the plug-and-play title.

During the off-season, the Knicks only cleared space and had little more room after passing younger pieces. Over the next two seasons, while selling the idea of ​​the 2021 free agency period to fans, the Knicks must successfully develop the first-round pick. R.J. Barrett and maybe even a player like Randle, a former overall No. 7 pick in 2014, to convince the max players that they will have help around them when they eventually join the Knicks, much like the Raptors did with Leonard.

There is always next year for the Knicks, but now there is still 2021 as well.

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