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The all-new Pixel 4 leak has the same design as the one confirmed by Google – BGR

In response to a series of recent leaks that the Pixel 4 would have a square-shaped dual-lens rear camera module, Google shocked fans last week by releasing a rendition of the back of Pixel 4 confirming the rumors . Since then, a prototype phone has been spotted in the wild in London, just as we learned that Google had created three designs for Pixel's flagship product this year, before choosing this model.

A new leak, for its part, seems to give substance to this revelation – it's not that we should be surprised at this point.

Posted online by creator / publisher Ben Geskin, the following images show the so-called Pixel 4 design and they look a lot like what we've seen before:

The Google teaser has only confirmed the back design of the phone, with its square camera and its physical buttons on the side. This is a flagship model of Pixel, it will not include a headphone jack down.

On the front, in the other image above, we only see a speaker facing the front, which indicates that we will have a frame or a notch at the top. Recent leaks have told us that Pixel 4 would have a dual lens camera system on the front, as well as components for 3D face recognition authentication. The leaks also claimed that Google had opted for a full frame instead of a notch similar to that of an iPhone at the top of the screen.

Geskin did not specify the origin of the CAD files, but they display a design very similar to what Google has revealed and what other designers have imagined (including the rendering at the top of this article). Google will unveil Pixel 4 in October, according to a recent Verizon leak. That gives us another four months of Pixel 4 leaks, which means we'll probably see the phone screen design well before Google announces the Pixel 4 series.

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