The Apex Legends fan creates an amazing Wraith design with an anime twist

Apex Legends has been redone in many styles from its very talented community, but a new version of Wraith may be the best at the moment.

Respawn Entertainment unveiled its royal battle on February 4, and community members escaped with the legends of the game by offering impressive performances for all.

In a Reddit article, the artist Pikat reinvented the interdimensional skirmisher by bringing out his face and features with an animated style.

Respawn Entertainment

The disturbing legend is one of the most popular legends among art lovers.

Pikat eliminated the drab colors of Apex Legends and completely revitalized the character's appearance with a vibrant palette that brings out a kind of childish essence for the character.

Even though Pikat's design choice gives Wraith a slightly younger look, she somehow appears even more lethal and threatening than in sports.

The artist gave their version of Wraith huge anime style eyes with more prominent gray irises that fix your soul.


It is easy to forget how deadly Wraith is in his livelier animated form.

It seems that the artist blushes a little on Wraith's cheeks, but that did little to enlighten the natural dead glance that the legend seems to always have.

Pikat also included energy emitted by Wraith's hand and an extremely fluid scarf to add a little more talent to one of the game's most popular legends.

Some Reddit commentators liked the artist's opinion of Wraith, but they added that the design reminded them of another popular ninja character from One Punch Man.


The representation of Wraith by Pikat becomes even more deadly with his knife of confidence in hand.

The artist admitted that, while they were drawing their Wraith pattern, the ninja Speed-O's -Sound Sonic of the hit movie reminded him, "I was thinking of drawing Sonic while I was drawing that half of time. After all, they have super similar designs.

The creation of the artist has left many fans asking again, so it's a good thing that Pikat has already planned to do the rest of the cast of Apex Legends, which will probably be as good as that of Wraith.

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