The Apple recovery really wants you to switch to the iPhone XS, iPhone XR

Roughly echoing the news of last year, but with a little more drama and urgency, the reports claim that the market demand for the iPhone XS and iPhone XR has proven to be a disappointment. This would have forced Apple to reduce orders, reduce production and revive the production of the iPhone X. However, it is still not short of ways to convince its loyal users to make the jump. His last strategy? Save up to $ 100 when you swap an old iPhone with the latest iPhone XS or even an iPhone XR.

Apple has long had a take-back program, but this year, marketing has seen a new rise, including renaming it "Apple GiveBack". And maybe just in time because it has to increase sales of iPhone XS by all possible channels. Even if it means giving an extra $ 100 to encourage users to abandon their old, loyal friends.

Of course, not all iPhones are treated equally. The older he is, the more credits you can get. Well, not exactly either, since the iPhone 6 only receives an extra $ 75 compared to its original price of $ 75. The largest credits are awarded to the iPhone 6 Plus, the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, which each receive the maximum of $ 100.

Will this be enough to convince users to take the 2018 train? Probably not, but it could give them a sense of urgency in their decision making. Apple says the promo is only available for a limited time and so it can end suddenly when you least expect it.

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