The automatic update of Android makes it easy to play music and messages, while reducing distractions.


Google will release in the coming days an Android Auto update designed to make its user interface easier and more effective, to reduce the risk that any element of the infotainment console of your car becomes annoying and may endanger you vehicle . The changes are primarily aimed at improving music playback and messaging notifications.

Now, while listening to music in your car via Android Auto, you can select new artists, albums, and tracks more quickly, with more detailed album art design and an easier-to-maneuver interface. Google adds that it also improves the search results provided by Google Assistant for browsing music. You can ask for certain genres or periods of time or ask Google to play something specific to an artist. You will get better results.

Image: Google

For email, Google adds a new feature to preview a snippet of text overlaid on an existing app such as music playback or Google Maps apps, but only when the car is completely shut down. So, if you do not want to pick up your phone or browse a different application manually using the vehicle console, you can just see the message appear. For those who are concerned that sensitive messages are not visible to everyone in the car, Google activates this notification feature only through the Android Auto Settings menu. The company also extends the support for messaging in Android Auto from SMS to MMS, for multimedia messaging, and the new RCS, or sophisticated, standard communication services.

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