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The baby born from the grafted uterus of the deceased donor is the first in North America

In a North American first, the Cleveland Clinic of Ohio announced Tuesday that she had given birth to a baby from the womb of a deceased donor.

In a press release, the hospital said the girl's mother, a 30-year-old woman, was participating in a research trial involving 10 women with uterine infertility, a condition characterized by lack d & # 39; uterus.

"The transplantation of a uterus into a woman is a complex procedure that requires the suppression of the response of her immune system," said transplant surgeon Andreas Tzakis. "Through this research, we aim to make these extraordinary events ordinary for women who have chosen this option, we are grateful to the donor, and their generosity has enabled our patient to realize her dream and give birth to a new baby."

Since the beginning of the trial, the hospital has performed three successful transplants of the uterus, the clinic said. Two trial participants are currently waiting for embryo transfers, while several others are still waiting for a transplant, he added.

The transplant of a deceased donor's uterus begins with the stimulation of a living woman's ovaries, which produces several eggs. The eggs are then fertilized in a laboratory where six embryos are then selected and frozen.

The living woman then takes anti-rejection drugs to prepare for the transplant for nearly eight hours, which involves removing the donor's uterus and blood vessels and putting them back into the woman's pelvis . Once the woman's uterus has healed, her frozen embryos are thawed and implanted one by one.

Although the Cleveland hospital is the first in North America to have successfully transplanted the uterus of a deceased donor, Brazilian doctors had already practiced a similar procedure last December, according to NBC News. .

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