The bachelor no longer jumped the fence, but another woman threw it


What's going on with this season of The single person, man?

Three women have now voluntarily left: Elyse, Sydneyand now first kiss Heather. Just before the dates of the hometown, where each of the women is supposed to bring Colton Underwood At home to meet their parents, Heather told Colton that she was not safe enough in their relationships to introduce him to her family, and she literally jumped on a train to get out.

The symbolism was not really subtle.

It was hardly the most dramatic thing that happened tonight, as Colton asked Tayshia, her first face to face night, which all the eliminated women had spoken to when they warned her that there were girls who could not be trusted. Pretty tayshia immediately named Miss North Carolina Caelynn and Cassie (which is also in another reality TV show apparently), claiming that apparently they had talked about becoming a Bachelorette and that they did not really want to get married.

It was shocking on many levels, because Caelynn and Cassie seemed to be true pioneers, and we never saw any evidence on camera of what Tayshia claimed to have said. But Kirpa also thought that Cassie and Caelynn were guilty of these acts and she had heard "rumors" about this untrustworthy behavior for weeks.

All we know is that this show contains hours and hours of footage that they apparently have not shown us, because there is no way to not have captured at least some of these conversations to the camera.

Moreover, where does Kirpa come from? They never gave her any movie time, and now she's laying a charge?

Colton Underwood, the single


Good news for Caelynn. Colton brought Miss Alabama Hannah home to meet her parents, and it was about as embarrassing as unofficial appointments in a hometown can become.

Before coming home to face the rents, Colton had already announced the course of the evening, because he had spoken often so disturbing: "I know how much they love me, and they know how much I love them. And they will always give me advice that I need to know if I want to hear it or not. "

Despite Hannah's loving profession toward this 27-year-old, he apparently did not feel it. Did it take a date in my hometown to cement that?

"Yyou could tell Hannah is amazing and amazing. And while we were in Thailand, she told me that she was falling in love with me, but I'm not here yet, "he said to his mother.

When Hannah and Colton ate dinner later in the evening, she told him that she was falling in love and he gave an answer that was far from ideal for anyone at home. Other end. "I appreciate hearing that," he told former Miss Alabama.

" come in this week, I think I spent a lot of time question who is ready in all this that I did not have to really look in the mirror and ask me: 'Am I ready?' And I think, more importantly, "Am I ready for us?", He said later. "And I do not know if I'm here. "

Tonight's episode, the last before the date of his hometown, ended when Caelynn approached Colton to tell him that all he had heard was a lie and that he was apparently believed. He gave Cassie the date of the group thrown, sending Kirpa (because Heather had been released on bail) on her way back

Colton has clearly chosen who to believe, but we are not yet so sure. Where are the pictures, ABC? Are there pictures? Is everything done? What is the truth?!


The single person Mondays at 8 pm on ABC.

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