The ban on abortion by heartbeat in Ohio is one of the last fronts in the fight against Roe v. Wade

"The composition of the Supreme Court is probably the most conservative we've seen in a generation, and that certainly emboldens those of us who deeply want Roe v. Wade to be overthrown," said Jamieson Gordon. Ohio Right to Life. who is opposed to abortion.

Since John Kasich became Governor of Ohio in 2011, the state promulgated more than 20 restrictions on abortion and the number of full-service abortion clinics in this country is from 16 to seven, according to Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio. , an advocacy group of abortion who is considering fighting the new law.

Although this measure is the first major restriction on abortion signed by Mr. DeWine, who took office in January, his support for the bill has hardly astonished human rights defenders. 39 abortion in view of his role as Attorney General headed by Mr. Kasich, another Republican.

"The reaction of our supporters was exactly what we knew, it would be a challenge," said Ms. Copeland. "We do not accept the barriers that these politicians are trying to put on our bodily autonomy."

Nationally, more than 300 restrictions on abortion were introduced in the first three months of this year, according to the Guttmacher Institute, which described the wave of legislative activity as a "push". At the same time, some lawmakers have attempted to expand abortion rights.

In January, New York Democrat Andrew M. Cuomo enacted a law allowing abortion after the 24th week of pregnancy, provided that the fetus is not viable or that abortion is necessary for protect the life or health of the mother. .

"The events of recent months absolutely confirm the decisive action taken by New York to legally protect abortion – and more states must do the same so that people can continue to have access to the care they have need when they need it, "said Elizabeth Nash, senior manager. responsible for matters at the Guttmacher Institute, said in a statement.

Among the restrictions introduced this year, there was a bill in Texas that seemed to be stalled this week and reportedly criminalized abortions, potentially allowing women and doctors to receive the death penalty.

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