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The beloved judge of the Supreme Court attended a production of What the Constitution Means for Me.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg speaks after receiving the Henry J. Friendly Medal from the American Law Institute.

RBG Notorious visited the Notorious Great White Way.

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Saturday night, performance of What the constitution means to meHeidi Schreck's play exploring the meeting points between America's founding document and the lives of women in her own family was followed by a woman who spent more time than most thinking about the Constitution: the judge of the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Charles Haugland, director of New Work at the Huntington Theater Company in Boston, was among the audience and described it as "an incredible circus" in a Twitter feed on the show:

It was not the first time Ginsburg had made a name for himself in this play that is currently playing at Helen Hayes Theater after his debut in San Francisco and his stint on Broadway. What the constitution means to me contains an audio excerpt from Ginsburg explaining when she thinks that there will be enough women in the Supreme Court:

Ginsburg's response was a replica applause from the moment she said it, so much so that interviewers prompted her to re-broadcast it, and the audio was applauded in previous performances of the play. Saturday, he was ovationné:

According to the stories of the government officials, this one is more interesting than Mike Pence's Hamilton because of the path What the constitution means to me is staged. The play is structured around a conversation that Schreck gave to teens in American Legion halls to earn money for the university, and includes a parliamentary-style debate between Schreck and a debate in high school on the proposal to abolish the Constitution and to create one. on positive rights. Schreck's opponent is played Thursday alternately by high school debaters Thursday, Rosdely and Ciprian, and a member of the audience is chosen to judge the outcome. But, although a line about imagining pleading a case before the Supreme Court had more applause than usualGinsburg did not get the judicial appointment, as Schreck told Casey Mink, senior editor of Backstage:

The member of the public who judged Saturday's debate was in favor of maintaining the Constitution, and Ginsburg presented a sort of concordant opinion, according to Williams, who played that night:

Social media has exploded since the announcement of the presence of the Supreme Court Judge. Ginsburg was greeted by a delirious crowd as she left the theater.

The reaction of the crowd was not unusual: in the last years of the Obama presidency, Ginsburg became a celebrity for writing bitter dissensions as the right-wing male majority in the Supreme Court began to suppress women's rights . was not required to provide her employees with a method of contraception In the Trump era, she became a kind of secular saint, because the prospect of another Brett Kavanaugh on the bench inspires thoughts, prayers and Saturday Night Live sketches on the health of 86 years. Thursday Williams wrote that she was honored to perform in front of Ginsburg in a tweet containing a buried led:

It is not surprising that Judge Sotomayor also saw the play: Williams was part of Sotomayor's judicial internship program. It was therefore easier for her to get tickets than for your average Supreme Court judge. without a personal connection with the production – but if his presence sparked a frenzy on the part of the public based on his dear dissensions in the Supreme Court, did not go on Twitter. What the constitution means to me Will play Broadway until August 24 with Schreck in the lead role and begin a national tour – though without Schreck – at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles in January 2020. Who knows what the Constitution will mean for everyone? between us here?

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