The best & # 39; Tim Apple & # 39; Memes and Reactions


It seems that Donald Trump gave us a "guarantee" yesterday, but the Twittersphere now has a new Trumpism to make people laugh. Here is the incident of "Tim Apple".

All this happened on Wednesday when President Trump mistakenly called Apple's CEO Tim Cook of "Tim Apple" because names, like policy-making, can be tricky .

Cook is not a small player, of course. The president thanked him for the billions of dollars that the technology company is contributing to the US economy. Trump said, "You have really invested a lot in our country. We like it a lot, Tim Apple. "

Ouch. Someone who is mistaken in name has to hurt, even when you are one of the most powerful businessmen in the world. The next day, Tim Cook participated in the joke, trading in his last name the symbol of the Apple logo on his full name Twitter.

Of course, it was not just Cook who took part in the action. We have gathered below the best memes you can enjoy.

It's an honor, Mr. Real Donald Trump

Now Sashay party Donald Hotel

Just debriefing with Joe Lawn

Ummm, learn the difference

Think of it as a presidential flex

Has anyone told Facebook?

New organic Tinder

We have a new suzerain

Sicko fashion

Good will

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