The best Apex Legends clips we've seen so far


Most of my Apex Legends parts have gone on to curl up in corners or crawl slowly into a combat zone, hoping to finish someone while you 're out there. he is almost dead. Instead of being a royal battle superhero, I live by proxy the incredible moments experienced by other players. And for a game as young, there have already been many.

I've put together the best of what I've seen up to here below: plays, amazing strikes and tragicomedies on the Apex Legends stage.

Boom, shot in the head

What. A shot.

The flying dropkick

Now, that's what you call a dropkick. Thanks to Highlight Reel for spotting this one.

Do not make the finishers at the end of a match …

This crazy finish is hosted on Reddit and therefore can not be integrated, but it's worth clicking and watching. Watch out for those who finish.

Tattered flaps

The Esports player turned into a Shroud streamer is playing at an insane level. Watch him destroy himself some enemy squads. Shroud Shredding is really a genre of clips: there's a lot more on Twitch that kills whole groups at once.

What are the chances

In the beginning, everything will come for this player, Milhouse: a lifeboat drifts on the path of their naked return on the map, filled with pristine loot. Not so fast, say the gods Apex.

Traffic jam

When you're a little too eager to give up.

& # 39; Round & & # 39; round

This is a way to use the grappling hook.

In the victory phase

Why head for circle safety on the last turn, when you can heal damage and use Mirage and Wraith's deception to survive all the others?

Dead stiff

I really want to know if the developers knew this would happen or if they played cool after the discovery of the post-launch.

Revive in the sky

Our own EIC, Evan Lahti, discovers the strange physics of trying to revive a person on the refueling ship while roaming.

Punch Out

Yet another proof that you should not run unless you're really sure to be safe, but with a perfect comic framing.

Buy one get one free

Do not stay too close to your teammate. You never know when someone looks at you with a Kraber.

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