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The best Cardano 2019 portfolios

In terms of cryptocurrency, almost everyone knows Bitcoin. However, you can also make good profits by investing in altcoins

How to choose a cryptocurrency that will be profitable in the future? This is a difficult question that needs to be addressed with the utmost seriousness. Besides Bitcoin, there are dozens of other promising pieces and, sometimes, when the rate of the main cryptocurrency decreases, prices of altcoins increase. To predict which digital asset will grow in 2019, you need to understand the market structure.

First of all, you have to study all the market offers and choose the best rated currencies. We conducted an analysis and identified 10 altcoins that we believe are the most cost-effective for current investments. So let's take the most promising digital assets out there.


The EOS platform is one of Ethereum's competitors, which promises to solve the problem of scaling up by providing a more reliable set of tools for creating and running applications. The capitalization of the token represents approximately $ 3 billion and ranks fourth among the main crypto-currencies.

Reasons to invest in EOS:

  • The platform has moved from the Ethereum blockchain to his own.

  • On May 6, 2018, a new version of the software for the EOS chain chain called Dawn 4.0 was released.

  • Reputation of the team. The three developers – Dan Larimer, Brendan Blümer and Brock Pierce – have launched successful platforms and businesses in the past. Dan, a technical director, created the Bitshares and Steemit coins, which were ranked among the top 50 coins by market capitalization. In addition, he worked on graphene block chain technology. Brendan and Brock also have impressive experience in creating successful startups.

Taken together, positive news drives up the cost of the chip, despite the decline of Bitcoin and other digital assets.


It is impossible to evaluate the promising crypto-currencies in 2019 without Ethereum, which is part of the decentralized application development platform.

The first thing to note is that the forecast for 2017 has proved even more pessimistic. Many have assumed that by the end of the year, the rate of ETH would be about $ 1,000. However, the cost of a room was higher by almost $ 300. In addition, it was suggested that the price of $ 1K would not be reached until 2019. Nobody excludes the possibility that the rate would rise and then return to these values, although several analysts suggest a further increase in the cost of Ethereum. At the same time, many people do not forget to remember that any cryptocurrency is characterized by sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate. It is therefore quite likely that return costs will be recurrent.

It is only important to choose the right time to understand whether it is worthwhile to keep holding money in that currency or if it is time to sell it. Many expect that a room costs between $ 5,000 and $ 7,000. Ethereum is currently the second largest cryptocurrency after capitalization of Bitcoin.

What is the future of Ethereum:

  • On April 30, 2018, Buterin announced the introduction of Sharding into the main network blockchain and a partial transition to the PoS confirmation algorithm.

  • Developers are constantly testing new features and implementing good ones. For example, a Metropolis update has been released, which has improved throughput, and soon, Constantinople will be implemented.

  • Despite the fact that ICOs are no longer a trend as popular as in 2017, about 90% of blockchain startups are selling chips on the Ethereum platform.


Cardano is a rival of Ethereum and is designed to work with smart contracts. It is a promising cryptocurrency aimed at the democratization of finance and the formation of a decentralized economy.

One of the creators of Cardano is Charles Hoskinson, who participated in the development of Ethereum. The Cardano platform code is one of the safest. The project is also working closely with government regulators, particularly to combat money laundering. The high level of trust in developers has enabled this project to generate a massive $ 500 million investment for its ICO. Cardano currently ranks 11th in the cryptocurrency ranking.

Factors affecting Cardano's prospects:

  • New exchange lists. Binance increased the number of trading pairs by adding ADA / NBB and ADA / USDT. In addition, Huobi added the piece to his inscriptions. This has already had a positive effect on the cost of the token.

  • Compatibility with other platforms to work with smart contracts.

  • Experts point out similar features of cryptocurrency with Bitcoin and Ethereum. The success and development of Cardano therefore depends on the extent of its adoption around the world.

  • In 2018, the company produced and delivered ATMs throughout Japan, which made Cardano more popular in Japan and Asia.

The 5 most promising cryptocurrencies with high potential in 2019


Many people have already focused on Ripple, which is less related to the benefits of the piece than its characteristics. In the end, the currency is not even an altcoin, because it was not created on blockchain technology, but as a totally independent monetary system.

The project can not boast of having a stable rate, but it has a large number of partners who have implemented its technology successfully. Today, giants such as Abu Dhabi National Park, UBS and Santander cooperate with this cryptocurrency.

Last year, XPR presented an amazing dynamic, its rate has increased nearly 600 times. The coin is likely to become a mediator linking the cryptocurrency industry and the banking sector. In this case, the chip token rate can reach new heights.

In addition, it should be noted that the Ripple project is being developed under the strict guidance of global banks. This means that it is in the larger regulatory field, compared to other cryptocurrencies. As a result, it can grow faster than other parts.

Binance piece

This is a chip from Binance's cryptocurrency exchange, which bears the same name. It gives the possibility to receive commission discounts of up to 50%, but this number will decrease each year.

The popularity of the currency is ensured by the demand for exchange, which now occupies the first place in the daily trading volume of Ethereum, 4th place – Bitcoin, 3rd place – Bitcoin Cash, 2nd place – Litecoin, 1st place – Neo. As the exchange grows and develops, its symbol also increases in value. In addition, the management of the site redeems part of the room to increase the value of the remaining parts. This is another feature that will positively affect the value of the asset.

In general, the piece is very strongly related to the exchange. However, its value has been multiplied by more than 100 in 2018 and, in the future, an even larger increase in the price of the asset is expected.

Cryptocurrency BNB is available for trading on the following popular exchanges: Binance, LBank, Exrates, Gate.io, HitBTC and Bancor Network.


This is a bitcoin fork, an improved counterpart. Commissions and scalability are very low. Its functionality is identical to that of Bitcoin, although many improvements have been made. For example, the SegWit update to increase the block size has been integrated with Litecoin before Bitcoin. The creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, recently proposed the best method for calculating the cost of a transaction commission. According to him, a proper evaluation of the commission will solve the problem of some BTC portfolios when the network is overloaded. Lee wants this solution to appear first in litecoin and then implemented in bitcoin. Litecoin is trying to part ways with BTC with a new logo and a new vision for the future. But it is clear that he will continue to maintain close links with the Bitcoin network.

Litecoin is a good choice for a long term investment for the following reasons:

  • The number of payment terminals accepting payment by Litecoin is increasing. In Argentina, there will be more than 4,000.

  • Cryptocurrency has been added to new exchanges. By 2018, he was already included in the list of major platforms: Korbit, Gemini, ZebPay and others.

  • On July 2, 2017, BTC China (one of the largest mining deposits) added the opportunity to operate the litecoin.

  • Cooperation with financial organizations. An agreement has been signed with the Aliant Processing Center.

  • Very low fees. For example, a fee of $ 0.4 was paid for a transaction of 700,000 LTC ($ 100 million). A transaction was confirmed in 2.5 minutes. An ordinary bank transfer takes a few days and costs a lot more.

Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ripple: What is the most eligible investment of $ 100 in 2019?


The TRON project is based on the establishment of a totally decentralized Internet. On this network, any user can share any content and perform fully secure transactions without being tied to a specific site. The result is the fusion of various popular blockchain ideas on the TRON network.

Using this platform, users can publish and, in the future, store program and information data, distribute them online, as well as promote their content through publication and publishing. the distribution of digital content.

Basically, the Tron platform looks like Google Play and the App Store. However, it does present a number of benefits associated with the use of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. TRX, the project's cryptocurrency, is among the top 10 most popular crypto-currencies, with a capitalization of US $ 1.6 billion.

Reasons why Tron is a promising piece:

  • The platform has already switched to its own blockchain. TRX has become a coin and will no longer be considered an ERC20 token.

  • The project's founder, Justin Sun, said that he would use all his relationships to enter into a contract with Alibaba, where he had previously worked.

  • Justin Sun has announced a cooperation with Malta.

  • The main investors in the cryptocurrency are the Chinese users, which confirms the prospects of the coin since China is one of the biggest entertainment centers.

  • Tron collaborates with leading IT companies and block chains such as Bitmain, ICO-365, Bixin, Gravityless and OpenLedger, which adds weight to the project within the cryptographic community.

In addition, in 2019, the Tron Foundation will have its own accelerator: Tron Accelerator, an incubator program designed to fund the creation of a dApp, which will inevitably have a positive impact on TRX.

The Tron Foundation has many projects for 2019. In addition to the events, the company intends to open access to smart contracts for ICO, which will also allow to use the same platform for crowdfunding. Thus, it is hoped that the year 2019 will be completely "bullish" for Tron (TRX).


This platform (and cryptocurrency) is a development for a segment in very strong growth of the Internet of Things. In particular, we are talking about everyday devices (refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, stoves, toothbrushes, kettles, smart home components, various sensors, etc.), which are increasingly usable online to complement and simplify our lives.

The aim of the IOTA project is to create a unified Internet infrastructure, with the ability to make quick transactions at no cost and exchange data with a high degree of protection.

Growth factors in 2019:

  • The community is interested more and more not in speculation, but in real working technologies.

  • The Internet of Things is only at the beginning of its course, but it is evolving at an increasing speed.

  • The reputation of the project is more than positive.

  • The team has many projects to extend the functionality of the platform.

  • The IOTA blockchain solves immediate scalability and transaction speed issues.

The team is doing its best to promote the product. One of the most important events of their participation was the second annual blockchain week (the largest event in Asia) in January 2019.

Price Prediction IOTA 2018 - What will be the cost of IOTA?

Based on the above, we can assume that 2019 should be a turning point for cryptocurrency and for the entire project. Among the many projects that offer ideas for the Internet of Things, IOTA has the most comprehensive technical and organizational base. As a result, the popularity of the token will increase. Reaching a price of $ 1 per coin is the goal of the first half of 2019. Additional growth is possible, but not on such a scale.

If you focus on the entire market, then, in 2019, the coin should return to the top 10 crypto-currencies by market capitalization.


NEO was launched in 2014 and experienced in 2017 a complete overhaul of its brand. The crypto community calls the NEO platform "Chinese Ethereum". Such a comparison is acceptable because these projects have the same functionalities: they are designed to develop decentralized applications. A big difference between NEO and Ethereum is the target users. It is worth mentioning that NEO is designed for Chinese developers of decentralized applications. The capitalization of the coin rises to around $ 600 million and ranks 17th on the list of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

NEO is a promising investment cryptocurrency for the following reasons:

  • A number of important exchanges have already written this piece: Binance, LiveCoin, HitBtc, Bittrex and Cryptopia.

  • Microsoft and Alibaba are on the list of partners.

  • The speed of operations, which offers the lowest commission cost and the ability to perform micro-transactions with the aid of smart contracts.

In 2018, the cost of cryptocurrency reached its peak – $ 180, after which it began to fall. The success of this project will depend directly on two factors: the loyalty of the Chinese government and the general recovery of the market.

According to our observations, the growth potential of NEO is important because after reaching a maximum, the value of the coin has decreased by 25 times. Most likely, in 2019, we will be able to see the piece approach new heights.


Stellar is a decentralized platform for fast and economical transactions. That's the Ripple fork with the deleted faults. The main benefits of Stellar can be seen as the scalability and openness of its source code. The indication of this cryptocurrency system is that it can handle thousands of transactions in one second without any problem. In this case, the confirmation of a transaction does not take more than 5 seconds, which is an inaccessible result for modern crypto-currencies. The similar features of Stellar allow it to compete on an equal footing with bank transfer banking services.

In addition, one of the most important advantages of the part lies in the support of the SCP technology, which allows the participants of the network to exchange without restriction crypto-currencies, currency fiduciary, tokens and other assets. Thus, this technology compares favorably with the more common PoW software protocol.

At the same time, it is impossible not to mention the support of the possibility of using smart contracts, as well as multiple signatures. This allows to significantly expand the functional component of this piece.

It is likely that these positive characteristics of Stellar will enable it to quickly obtain a dedicated user audience, which appreciates the constant technical innovations likely to improve the work within the encryption network.

XLM's capitalization stands at $ 1.7 billion and ranks 8th overall.

Why Stellar is a promising cryptocurrency:

  • Solve the problem with scaling. Lightning has already been tested on the blockchain.

  • Growth in the number of projects leading ICOs on the Stellar platform.

  • Extension of the list of exchanges where the coin is exchanged.

  • Collaboration with IBM.

  • Concentrate on excellence in every detail.

Stellar is a promising piece for cooperation with financial institutions. This is an important point in determining the trajectory of the cryptocurrency movement: the more banks start working with it, the more its value will increase.

Choose the altoin in which to invest

There are a large number of different cryptocurrency projects on the market, but not all of them have a future. Bitcoin remains the most popular. This is partly due to the fact that it was the very first cryptocurrency. But little by little, users are seeing the many benefits of altcoins, and that's why they're gaining value.

To make you feel more comfortable in this unpredictable market, it is best to diversify your risks and buy 10 to 20 different coins. Such an approach will help protect your investment from significant losses.

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