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The best iOS walkie-talkie apps to use instead of those from Apple

Apple temporarily disabled the Apple Watch Walkie Talkie application after discovering a bug that could have allowed other people to listen to conversations. Although Apple indicates that no spying incidents have been reported, the application is disabled until the vulnerability is corrected (although it will still remain). installed on your device).

It's nice to know that Apple is working on a patch, but that leaves Apple Watch users without one of the most unique features of the device, Dick Tracy. If you do not want to wait until Apple corrects Walkie Talkie, many third-party alternatives can fill the void. Here is an overview of our favorite alternatives for walkie talkies:

Voxer Talkie Talkie Messenger

Voxer is a hybrid application of walkie-talkie and instant messaging. You can send voice, text and video messages; share photos directly; and create private group chats if you want to continue conversations with multiple users. The application is free, but there is a pro version ($ 3 / month or $ 30 / year) that adds additional features such as voice transcription in text. Voxer is also notable for having a dedicated Apple Watch app, rather than requiring a connected iOS device.

Two ways: Walkie Talkie

When I was a kid, my siblings and I were already chewed by an anonymous person on the other end of our walkie talkies. They were upset that we were using his channel to communicate through our neighborhood.

While we stumbled across the channel, this sort of random encounter on a radio signal is exactly what the free Two ways The application has been designed for. The application allows you to communicate openly within geographical regions, but you can also tune specific broadcast channels for a little more privacy.

There is no fully private communication option on the bidirectional system; All channels are also accessible to all users, which means that your conversation is always possible.

Walkie-talkie – Communication

Despite the complicated name, Walkie Talkie -Communications is the simplest application of this list: just tune the channel of your choice and start talking. There are no other settings or features other than that. Other users will need to connect to the same channel on their device in order to communicate. And this also applies to anyone: since all channels are public, you may not be the only one on the line.

Zello Walkie Talkie

Zello is another multi-purpose communication app like Voxer. Although it requires an Internet connection, Zello allows you to send instant voice, text and multimedia messages to your friends. It also supports calls over Wi-Fi and the app does not contain any annoying ads.

This is not everything. Zello also offers a number of other useful features, including message replay, group voice servers and friend lists, in addition to its many communication options. These numerous supplements could destabilize users who want a simpler application, called a "push button to talk", but Zello remains one of the best applications among the best of its kind, especially in case of emergency.


This last choice is not really a walkie-talkie app – it does not even use voicemail – but the application for decentralized and offline communication firechat it's more like true walkie-talkie technology than other apps on this list. Here's why.

Firechat, unlike the other apps on this list, uses Bluetooth and wifi as equals. IOS devices (or Android) with the application installed can send messages directly to each other even if they do not have a classic Internet connection. The developers of the app claim that it works for separate devices up to 200 feet – which is great for keeping an eye on your party the next time someone else separates from your group of hikers, for example .

Firechat also allows users to create local private network communications between large groups, which can increase the reach of your email and your available streaming speed as more users connect.

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