The best Oscar ceremony was won by the Emmys by Peter Falk.

Peter Falk winning an Emmy.

Just another Emmy.

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The Oscars are on the way and, again, the Academy of Arts and Film Science seems to have ruined everything. There would have been a popular film award first, and then there was none. Then there will be a host, then there will not be one, so there will not be one yet, despite Ellen DeGeneres' best efforts. More recently, the Academy changed things by announcing that there was would not be live price presentations for four awards, then announced there would be. And somewhere out there, they found that time was playing the same round with three of the five nominees for Best Song. The Academy will probably not have the time to shoot a big Oscar night from the wreck unless it sinks into chaos and engages Schrödinger's cat as a guest and not as a host at the same time, but it does not. There is no reason for domestic viewers to suffer. The secret to having a great Oscar night in 2019 is pretty simple: watch Peter Falk win Emmys for Columbo instead of.

Take the run of the best actor. This year, you could bite your tongue watching Rami Malek bite his tongue trying to pass his acceptance speech without mentioning his director. You can also join this clip and watch Peter Falk explain the hijacking of his journey to get to Los Angeles to attend the 1972 Emmy Ceremony, a story involving both Eastern Airlines and TWA, but certainly not Brian Singer:

If your Oscar night needs more tragedies than is inherent in air travel in the 1970s, you'll find it in Falk's 1975 victory at the Emmys. It's true that this year's Oscars have a category with only three nominees: Makeup and Hairstyle, in which Mary Queen of Scots, Vice, and Border are faced. (And after making a lot of noise, the academy will even broadcast the presentation of the prize live!) But does a race for three really compare to the two-man confrontation between Peter Falk and Columbo and Dennis Weaver for McCloud in 1975? No.

And then, there's Peter Falk's acceptance speech at the 1976 Emmy Awards. It's unfair for a new generation of talented filmmakers and acceptance speakers to say that no speeches at this year's Oscars The year will not approach Peter Falk's acceptance speech in 1976, but that no speech at this year's Oscars will be close to Peter Falk's acceptance speech in 1976..

If you're the type of person who loves the Oscars as much for what they fail as for what is good, do not worry: you will not have to give up shouting, throw things on the screen or have complicated problems. feelings about a winner simply because you are committed to watching Peter Falk win Emmys instead of watching Green paper win Oscars. For you, here is the acceptance speech of Peter Falk's Emmy Award in 1990:

There are many things to unwrap there! But there are three things we can all agree on: That Emmy should have gone to Kyle MacLachlan for Twin peaks, you can not kiss three Golden Girls out of four without it being odd, and Kyle MacLachlan should have won the Emmy this year for his work on Twin peaks. Nevertheless, although it ends on an offbeat note (and on every month of the drama before the show), acceptance speeches by Emmy Peter Falk Columbo have made 2019 the best Oscars ceremony to date. Congratulations to the Academy!

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