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The best smartphone deals on Amazon Prime Day 2019 – Save a lot on LG and Samsung! «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Amazon Prime Day is almost there, but that does not mean that offers are a mystery. Of course, most of Amazon's best sellers and discounts will not be announced until the First Day itself, but we already know incredible offers for smartphones through a handful of first glimpses.

If these previews are an indication, Amazon offers LG and Samsung fans major offers. With one exception, these two phone manufacturers are currently the only ones to feature in Prime Day-specific offers. We are sure that others will appear once Prime Day has been reached, but you can save a lot on this Galaxy or Pen device. aujourd & # 39; hui. Of course, you must be a core member to take advantage of these great offers.

Please note that Amazon likes to change frequently offers and discounts. As a result, the price of some offers listed here may be different depending on when you check them.

Samsung Offers

We, the Samsung fans, are the ones who really benefit from the discount offered by Amazon this year. As you can see below, there is a long list of Galaxy phones with significant price reductions. These are not just last year's models, Amazon has allowed you to save over $ 100 on the S10 + and S10e models this year, not to mention almost $ 300 on some models. Note 9 :

LG Offers

LG's offerings, compared to Samsung's, are rare. But that does not mean that there is no good business here. The best by far is $ 140 on a LG Pen, but the Q6 also delivers significant savings. Check out the two offers below to see if one or the other suits you:

Other offers

The only other exclusive deal with Prime Day that we are currently viewing live is the Moto G6. If you want to save $ 44 on this phone, Amazon is at your disposal. This offer is only for the Deep Indigo model, but if you can put the color back, the savings are all yours:

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