The biggest problem that fans always have with the show


The voice has a serious problem, and fans have been noticing it for a while now. The singing competition currently in its 16th season on NBC has always been a fan favorite.

But as the seasons went by, fans wondered, "Why do not we have The voice produces a major star? "

When it comes to producing stars, "The Voice" is not "American Idol"

Quick – name a star that comes from American idol. Kelly Clarkson. Carrie Underwood. Jennifer Hudson. Oops, it's three. When it comes to producing surnames, American idol proved that he had star creation abilities.

Kelly Clarkson recorded 26 songs from the Billboard Top 100, including three hits. She has sold millions of albums, toured the world and is synonymous with success in television series. Carrie Underwood had 27 successes in the top 10, including 14 numbers. And Jennifer Hudson, well, she won a Golden Globe and an Oscar, not too bad for someone who did not even win American idol.

The competitors never matched the success they had in the series

Let's review our game. Name a star that comes from The voice. A little more complicated this time, right? Unless you're an unconditional fan, it's hard to name a competitor from The voiceeven less someone who has had great success.

But how come a show that continues to show such a strong performance for NBC fails so hard to keep its promise of producing a star? In the 16 seasons The voice has been on the air, the series has not yet managed to make any of the first hits in the charts.

Cassadee Pope, who is arguably the biggest star of the competition, has only been ranked six times on the Billboard Hot 100. She peaked at number 25, with "Over You", a cover of a hit of Miranda Lambert that Pope played during The voice. She was nominated for a Grammy for her "Think of You" duet with country singer Chris Young.

Where is the problem?

The voice
The voice | Trave Patton / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Not only fans have noticed that the series had a problem, coaches have also discussed it.

Coach Adam Levine has been part of the series since the beginning. He told reporters, "We give these guys this amazing platform and this really rare thing, a lot of exposure and air time. Once we have passed the torch, it is the label that destroys it completely. This is not the first time that Levine denounces the lack of success of the series. In 2015, the leader of the group Maroon 5 told Howard Stern: "When the relay will be past the" voice ", there is some problems, "he added," People take over after we have managed to make these people perform better. There is some real problems there. "

Christina Aguilera also spoke about the series. In a recent interview, the former judge suggested that the show may not be as fair as it seems to be. She also said that she was not satisfied with the internal workings of the series and that these problems were largely the reason she left the show.

But is the lack of successful singers really a problem?

The voice may have a hard time producing a major hit maker, but is it really important? The show continues to be a solid performer. And if you ask Carson entertainer Daly, the show has never been designed to be a star generator.

Daly told The Huffington Post in 2017, "We did not really create the show to create a celebrity musician or make people rich and famous. It was never really the goal of the series. We are proud to say that many artists who have participated in "The Voice" in any capacity have left their sandwich work and are doing well in music. And at the end of the day, it's winning, for us. "

Whether artists are successful or disappear, fans continue to agree. The voice only produces entertaining television and some amazing performances. And maybe that's enough.

The voice aired Monday at 8 pm on NBC.

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