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The birthday cake decorator confuses "Moana" with "marijuana"

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. – A Georgian mother's order for her daughter's birthday cake went awry when the decorator confused the name of a Disney character, Moana, with marijuana.

His daughter, Kensli Davis, said on Facebook that his mother had ordered the cake at a local dairy queen.

"Then my mother called and ordered me a cake telling them how much I loved Moana," Davis wrote. "Needless to say, these people thought that she had said marijuana."

Instead of Moana, his mother received a cake with a large sheet of cannabis (and a green horse "My Little Pony" smoking what appears to be a joint, his eyes bloodshot).

Davis said that his mother had a kick in the confusion, adding that no employee had immediately understood what had happened.

"I think they thought she said" marijuana "because we came from southern Georgia and had an accent. So, "Moana", "marijuana?" Said Davis at WMAZ.

She confided to the local television channel that she admired the frosting artist profession and thought it was an honest mistake since her family had been ordering cakes for years. Davis added that the woman who made the cake had apologized and offered to decorate a new one after discovering what had happened.

"This ice cream cake was still good," Davis wrote on Facebook.

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