The bluffing speaker proves expensive in the loss of Astros



ARLINGTON – In a one-point game with 21 points and 21 hits, it can be difficult to reverse a blow or a bad performance.

Collin McHugh launched terribly and gave the Astros a nine-point deficit. However, they lost only one, shooting at 11-10 before a rally in the ninth inning loaded bases.

The way the Rangers scored the point that was not charged to McHugh was a bit simpler – and had some regrets.

With two outs in the sixth inning and the Astros led by four, Joey Gallo was able to qualify against Framber Valdez's fast two-shot ball. The big left handed slugger of the Rangers sent him high in the air. From the third base, Shin Soo Choo made contact.

Baseball was caught in the howling wind, which reached 30 mph. Carlos Correa thought he was under the ball behind the second goal.

"It seemed like Carlos had taken off, turned his back, and when he turned around, he had nothing to do with it," said manager A.J. Dit Hinch.

The ball landed to the left of Alex Bregman in the third row, falling to the ground to become the single that won the match. Statcast said it was hanging in the air for 7.3 seconds, an eternity that made it all the more difficult to choose the course on a sunny, windy day.

"(Gallo) hits the ball for a mile and when he misses them, they go really high," Bregman said. "The wind was blowing, but it's one of those popups we have to catch."

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