The body found on the island almost 23 years ago has been identified


A man whose naked body was found on an island off Connecticut nearly 23 years ago was finally identified this week by a new search in a national database of fingerprints updated.

But the man, Landberto Quintero, remains a mystery to the authorities.

Norwalk police released the name Quintero Friday and hoped that this decision would encourage his relatives to come forward. The authorities have not been able to identify any of his family members.

"We do not know much about him," said Lieutenant Art Weisgerber. "He had no known address, he was not in any database of missing persons, so he was never reported to any agency."

Quintero was 24 years old and was born in Mexico, according to reports of an arrest in 1993 for committing an intrusion on Norwalk. These records included fingerprints that were in a national database maintained by the FBI. Weisgerber thinks Quintero may be homeless.

Quintero's body was discovered on April 18, 1996 on Shea Island, owned by the city, in Long Island Sound. There was no obvious sign of trauma, police said.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner concluded that he had been dead for eight to ten months but had not been able to determine the cause or mode of death.

Previous searches in the National Fingerprint Database and a 2016 DNA test were unsuccessful. After updating the database, Weisgerber recently asked the organized crime laboratory to re-examine the body's fingerprints. An expert in the crime lab called on Thursday to tell him that a positive identification had been made.

All that we know about Quintero, is that he probably lived in the Norwalk area for at least three years, judging by his arrest in 1993 and by the discovery of his body in 1996.

The autopsy showed that he was about 5 feet 2 inches and 110 pounds. In his 1993 booking photo, Quintero sports what appears to be a "mullet" hairstyle – short at the front and long at the back.


This story has been corrected to show that the body of Landberto Quintero was found almost 23 years ago and not 26 years old.

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