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The body language of Beyoncé and Meghan Markle

  • Meghan Markle and Beyoncé finally met at the The Lion King first in London.
  • An expert in body language reveals that Bey and her husband, Jay-Z, seemed to be taken aback by the duchess at the long-awaited meeting.

    Sunday, July 14 will remain forever in history as the day Meghan Markle met Beyoncé. The Duchess and her royal highness of pop shared a warm embrace and a brief joke at the The Lion King first in London. Bey, of course, was present as a cast member – she plays Nala – while Markle was attending with Prince Harry to support the #ProtectThePride lion conservation campaign of Walt Disney. In addition, the couple has probably not left the country since the birth of the baby Archie – and who could imagine a better evening between girls?

    But aside from the celebration of Disney's most animated remake, all eyes and ears were turning to Markle and Bey. And if you listen carefully to the images of the red carpet broken by the The daily mailThat's Rebecca English, you can hear Bey describe Markle as "my princess" and then exclaim: "Your baby is so beautiful!" Later, according to some astute lip readers on Twitter, Jay-Z apparently told the new parents: "Always find time for yourself."

    Although they were cool exchanging parenting advice, we could not help but notice that Bey and Jay both seemed a little … slipped. Although we are not certified reading professionals, judging by Jay's adorable smile and Beyoncé's wide-eyed eyes, it seemed like two of the world's most prominent celebrities had finally met another duo. they were in awe. (And who could blame them ?!)

    To test our theory, we spoke to Bianca Cobb, a body language expert, who analyzed their interactions for us.

    "Beyoncé and Meghan share a warm embrace, as if they have known each other for years," says Cobb, from the video presented in the tweet below. "You can see on the video that their embrace dragged on for a few seconds, with Beyoncé closing her eyes as if she could not believe that she was meeting Meghan."

    "While the two ladies are arguing, Meghan puts her hand on Beyoncé's arm, while it is resting on Meghan's back, your embrace only lasts longer when you feel a connection to someone", explains Cobb.

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    She adds: "You transmit warmth and solicitude by touch, and as they separate, the ladies shake hands to squeeze more."

    Cobb also said, "The admiring gaze in Beyoncé's eyes indicates that she is impressed by the Duchess, while Jay-Z – with a big smile – looks at Meghan. bodily reveals that he feels nervous, hands clasped in a vine leaf position. "(Regarding body language, the position of the grape leaf refers to the current posture of keeping your hands above your groin, as if your hands were a fig leaf.) "When he and Meghan kiss, he does not really know what to do, because his fingers barely touch Meghan."

    Ah, the stars, they are like us. This shows that even the most luminescent Hollywood can be a bit shy in the presence of royalty. Then we wait for a meeting between Rumi, Sir and Blue Ivy Carter with Baby Archie.

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