Facebook platform users hit Twitter with #facebookdown on Wednesday after losing access to Facebook, Instagram and Messenger around the world.
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The common theme of social media outages is jumping on another network to let off steam.

As with almost all Facebook crashes, users visited Twitter on Wednesday with the hashtag #FacebookDown, which quickly became the main topic in the United States.

Facebook started having problems around noon ET, problems landing on Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram around the world.

#InstagramDown was also trending on Wednesday before service was restored early Thursday.

Some WhatsApp users belonging to Facebook have reported problems when sending photos on the famous email application. There were fewer tweets on Wednesday for #WhatsAppDown.

And some tweets used the three hashtags.

A Twitter user, @InstaDown, who calls "Is Instagram Still Down? tweeted more than 10 times Wednesday.

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"Hello everyone tonight, we conducted a social experiment that allowed us to reach a few million people with a few tweets in the space of 3 hours.Tomorrow, we will share everything with you .. #Instagramdown #facebookdown #whatsappdown #moresociallessmedia " @InstaDown tweeted.

The truth Instagram account has not announced until 6:18 pm and tweeted: "We are aware that a problem is currently impacting internet access to Instagram.We know it's frustrating and our team is working hard to solve this problem as soon as possible. "

Twitter user @eyempuneet tweeted "feel that life is incomplete without Instagram."

Fans of @TrentoHunterDo not worry, "I have two meals and I can not put them in. My fans will think I'm starving." This has been retweeted over 2,000 times and loved almost 16,000 times.

But what about Instagram models?

Someone try to reset?

Twitter user @xotinajoy had another theory. "Plot: The CEO of Twitter has hacked Facebook and Instagram servers #FacebookDown."

Yes, @ Lorraineno9 you found. We turn to Twitter.

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