The Caps beat the Canes 4-3 in overtime!

The Washington Capitals took a 2-0 lead in the playoffs against the Carolina Hurricanes with a big win in overtime in a wild match on a nice Saturday afternoon.

Once again, the goals were scored by Nicklas Backstrom, who received a delightful feed from Ovechkin in a hasty attack. TJ Oshie raised the score to 2-0 thanks to another goal of the race and a tremendous puck movement with him, Kuznetsov and Niskanen. Lucas Wallmark had a strange one later during the period in which Washington unsuccessfully challenged the guardian's interference.

A second chaotic period allowed the Hurricanes to tie with a strange Sebastian Aho goal, take a rebound on the board and return to the net to beat Holtby.

Tom Wilson was right about Mrazek midway through the third period, restoring Washington's lead. Dougie Hamilton scored with a clever twist on the power play with five minutes left to equalize again. That led us to a sudden victory in overtime, where the hero was a two-time Stanley Cup champion!

The caps win 4-3. Capital letters lead the series 2-0.

  • I imagine that after the first part, Carolina had considered taking fewer penalties. The officials certainly helped in this department (yes, I went there), but the penalties in the offensive zone seem to be a theme for the Canes in this series.
  • At this point: transmit Micheal Ferland was ejected in the second period for a blow to the head of Nic Dowd. The shot itself was not worth a match penalty, but it was certainly an accusation, and Ferland was absolutely inclined at that time. The Caps failed to score on the power play, but Dowd returned from the alleged concussion protocol, so at least that's fine. I am 99% sure that the match against Ferland will be canceled.
  • Dowd has committed two very severe penalties today. The first asked a Canes player to channel himself, but this raises a delicate subject: Todd Reirden does not use his depth players. Even though the nine best and the four best defenders were (and they were great), it's a lot to ask them. The fourth line plays less than eight minutes as expected and Christian Djoos is stuck on the bench.
  • John Carlson zapped Petr Mrazek right in the mask with a high shot, sending the goalkeeper on the ice with a woozy air. Mrazek stayed in the game, which made me wonder if the concussion detection applied to the goalkeepers in the playoffs.
  • I just want to enjoy the beauty of the Tom Wilson purpose for a moment. Ovechkin used his glove to wedge the puck and start the attack, then he and Backstrom made the right choice once they passed the blue line. This drew all the attention from their side of the ice, which allowed Ovi to make his way to Tom Wilson.

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What a beautiful finish. Borpik, baby!

At this point last year, the Caps had lost two games against zero, taking the road while letting out the thunder of a deadly defeat in the first round. Things have not exactly gone that way, but it's a good reminder that the results are not certain until the thing is over.

From there, we go to Raleigh, where the barbecue sauce is good, and I will not hear any debate about it.

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Photo title: Patrick McDermott

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