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The centrist focus centered on the simple repair of Obamacare exposes the split between democrats

CDemocrats in the Chamber of Deputies announced Wednesday that they would press for a health plan to strengthen Obamacare, just hours after Liberal Democrats in the House called for a fully government-funded health system. .

The centrist Democrats, a 101-member group called the NDP Coalition, hope to revive a bipartisan measure that failed in the Senate. The plan, a preferred approach by the health sector, would unlock billions of dollars from the government to Obamacare to reduce premiums for more patients.

The press conference was held just hours after 107 Democrat Members of the House had re-introduced the Medicare for All Act, a bill that would extend health insurance to more medical services than ever before. 39, today, and almost all people living in the United States. The NDP Coalition denied that the timing of the event coincided with that of the Health Insurance Caucus for All and stated that it had been planning to hold the conference for two weeks.

Centrist Democrats have declared themselves open to other possible changes to the health system, such as allowing people to buy younger Medicare or buying Medicaid instead of a private health insurance plan. They insisted that the party should hold hearings on each of the issues, but described their approach as more pragmatic, stating that the priority was to find health care solutions that can be implemented quickly.
"Universal health care is in their future in one form or another," said Rep. Kurt Schrader, D-Ore, one of the group's co-chairs, at a press conference held on Wednesday. . "Every member is committed to that."

The NDP Coalition sent a letter Wednesday to the House Leaders to share their proposals. They would include a reinsurance fund, which distributes public funds to the sickest patients to help reduce the cost of premiums for all who buy a cover. Another part of the plan would restore billions of dollars in payments. President Trump has ended his activities in 2017 to help low-income people benefiting from Obamacare plans to cover their medical expenses. They proposed allowing states to promulgate self-registration, which would eliminate the need for patients to actively enroll in coverage each year.

"We think we can lead the caucus agenda because we are willing to work with the Republicans … It is urgent that this problem be solved," said Representative Ami Bera, D-Calif.

The plan is similar to a stabilization program from Obamacare, known as Alexander Murray, which failed the Senate. At the time, the Democrats opposed it because the bill contained anti-abortion language that would have prevented funds from funding abortion plans. The Democrats at Wednesday's press conference were not able to say how they would get around this stalemate.

"In my opinion, it was a false red herring … The former speaker raised this point because he did not want us to accomplish anything at the end of the day "said Schrader.

Obamacare does not contain the Hyde Amendment which states that federal funding can not be used to abort except in cases of rape, incest or if a woman's pregnancy puts her life in danger . Obama signed a decree confirming that federal funding for abortion was banned. Some states, including California, require all health insurers to cover abortions.

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