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The challenge & # 39; Momo & # 39; touch the south, how to protect your children

(WBNG) – The Momo's challenge is in vogue in the United States and encourages children to engage in self-harm.

12 News has spoken with Jennifer Spencer at Endicott, responsible for education and outreach at the Center for Victims of Crime.

She explains, "Kids are watching age-appropriate YouTube content and watching what would normally not trigger an alert. Something will appear. It could be Momo, who then tries to get kids to contact her on WhatsApp or another. Platform."

Spencer says Momo gives a phone number for the kids to contact her.

Then, "this particular Momo challenge involves a lot of self harm before getting worse as you try to potentially end a child's life."

If you do not follow, Spencer says that Momo is making threats, motivating students to do the acts out of fear.

Spencer visited a local primary school on Wednesday, where she explained that her students had heard of Momo.

Shannon Gillette, a five-year-old mother, had not yet heard of the challenge and said, "It's scary, but it's also part of what we live in this society."

She teaches technology in the Union Endicott School District and explains that open communication is the most effective way to manage trends like Momo's.

"You really have the right to see what they are doing, ask them what's going on, even to say that I can have your passwords, I'd love to log in as you and see what you see. "

And remember, you will not be able to monitor everything your kids see, so trust your adult network.

"The more adults are on the same page and looking for the same things, we can be proactive."

12 news have contacted YouTube about the challenge, they said in a statement:

"Contrary to news reports, we have not received any recent evidence of videos showing or promoting the Momo Challenge on YouTube. Content of this type would violate our policies and be immediately removed. "

We also contacted WhatsApp and did not hear from them.

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