The Chex Quest HD Trailer contains 100% of your 90s daily nostalgia


In the annals of advergaming, General Mills' Chex Quest stands out as a shooting game from the mid-90s that is remembered very well (if not particularly high quality). Partly because it was free with Chex cereal purchases, and therefore played by millions of people, and partly because it was fun because based on the Condemn, Chex Quest has a following devoted worship.

This weekend, Chex Quest fans have a fresh look at the modern remake based on Unreal Engine 4, Chex Quest HD. His Chex Quest as many players will probably remember from 1996: the Chex Warrior runs through different levels, zapping the Flemoids with Zorch devices in an unleashing of nonviolent and violent spaces.

According to the developer behind Chex Quest HD, the entire company is created by volunteer game designers during their free time. Like the original Chex Quest, The HD update will feature five levels, will be free and is created with the permission of General Mills. Like when Chex Quest HD will be outside, it seems to be in the air. We contacted the developer for more details.

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