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The cinematic universe of Spider-Man Marvel could be finished

Huge news in the world of superheroes. Deadline reports that Disney and Sony are at a dead end with regard to Spider-Man and that Marvel Studios, with its president Kevin Feige, will no longer produce Spider-Man movies.

This comes after Spider-Man: far from home, which will be reissued in a few weeks, has become the most profitable movie of all time for Sony.

io9 has contacted both Marvel and Sony for comments and will update when and if we hear anything.

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As you can imagine, the problem is money. While Disney was happy to take only a small percentage of its income Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: far from home (in exchange for Sony allowing Marvel to use the character in CAmerica: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame), a debate has begun between the leaders concerning the future. According to Deadline, Disney wanted to split the profits equally, but Sony did not even counter it.

Two other Spider-Man films are in development, with director Jon Watts and star Tom Holland. In addition, Sony has launched its own mini universe Spider-Man thanks to huge successes like Venom and SPider-Man: in the Spider-Verse, both of which have suites on the way. According to rumors, Disney and Marvel even hoped to contribute to these films to extend even more the crossover, but the studios simply asked more than what Sony did not want to give. Apparently, Sony thinks the big pieces are already in place, so the movies will go well without Feige. We will see how that happens.

Check out the Deadline piece to find out more about the details, but this day is certainly disappointing for fans of the Marvel film universe. Potential deletion of Spider-Man leaves this little asterisk on a world that has just inherited X-Men and Fantastic Four thanks to the Fox deal. For a brief moment, all Marvel's heroes were at home. But now, it seems that Sony will produce their Spider-Man movies and that Marvel will produce its films.

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